Google has auto industry jolted

Google has shaken up with his entry into the autonomous driving the auto industry. Bosch Board Gerhard Steiger, Head of Global Business for assistance systems, so companies like Google considers an asset and not a threat to the auto industry.“I feel the new player as an enriching element which provide some fresh air to the industry,” says Steiger in the latest issue of VDI news. “We must be happy that Google were the first years ago who operated the topic automated driving very seriously. For the automotive industry, which was an impulse, and it has brought a lot of attention for the subject of driver assistance. ”

Bosch Board Member: Gerhard Steiger.Google has auto industry jolted but goes to slowly forward.

The auto industry will stimulated by companies like Google to rethink. “Companies from Silicon Valley – and this includes not only Google – to drive developments from a different perspective. The German automotive industry is expanding so their own vehicle heavy perspective. ”

We are not afraid of Google, there are things in this industry that google can not handle today.

Here Steiger does not see a risk that a company like Google dominating the complete automotive software. “It makes a difference whether I’m building a smartphone, it display fittings with software and hardware give elsewhere in order, or whether it comes to an automobile. That’s much more complex. ”

For Bosch adds that there is already demand from new players in the market. “At Google, we provide radar sensors, important components of the drive train, the power electronics and the steering,” says Steiger. “Even Tesla has components in the areas of chassis and safety of Bosch on board – like a classic automobile manufacturers.”