Google founder Larry Page Flying Car

Cares of the co-founders of Google for autonomous vehicles is well known. Apparently he dreams but also of cars that can fly. There, he is not the only one but probably the strongest.

A car is in a traffic jam. The navigation system proposes an alternative route: take off vertically, 30 degrees right, then straight ahead and finally gently in the own garden land such as the American President on the lawn at the White House. A tantalizing idea and with a not entirely unrealistic vision. Finally each plane can drive anyway. Only most of the time the wings in the way are on roads, and probably the flying car has folding wings.

What look like the prototypes of Zee.Aero is however completely unknown. But apparently the ideas of engineers, who have previously worked at NASA and Boeing are so fascinating that Google co-founder should have invested Larry page about $100 million since 2010 in the project.

$100 million sounds like monster much, but conceivable, because the sum would be equivalent to only 0.3 percent of its assets estimated by Forbes. For several years, around 150 employees at Zee.Aero should work to develop of a flying car. The company is locked and tells on his Web page only, that you work on “better ways to get from A to B”. That these better types also have something to do with flying might, suggests only from the fact that the company is looking for among other things engineers with experience in building aircraft.

Vertical launch and landing

Zee.Aero is also working according to their own presentation on the “interface between aerodynamics, advanced production and electric drive”. It was then but also on info. Who’s behind this and what exactly is being developed, remained dark until now, BusinessWeek revealed: the company is working on an electric two-seater, which can take off vertically and land. And the whole thing with the money from Larry Page.


Page should invest there money Kitty Hawk in the company who also pursues the goal of flying cars, only with a different approach. And behind this company, the German computer scientist Sebastian Thrun, Solingen would in turn blow formerly for Google that drove the autonomous car and also the first in secret.

Competitors must hurry

According to BusinessWeek, page wanted to keep absolutely secret its commitment on this issue. But now it’s out. For the competitors in the fight for the first production-ready flying car. So far, Europeans seemed there anyway to have the nose forward. Slovak engineers, for example, presented their Aeromobil that normal can drive on the road, but only 200 meter grass runway needed to be able to get into the air one and a half years ago.

Were inspired young engineers at the Technical University of Munich, have developed the Lilium Jet by the science fiction of “The fifth element”, move the cars flying through urban canyons. Photo: Lilium aviation

A Bavarian company wants to bring its mini flyer called Lilium into 2018 the market, and the project met already the targets, which apparently also has Zee.Aero: he can take off vertically and land and is electrically powered.

TF-X: after launching tilt the rotors to the front. The TF-X then flies like an ordinary airplane. Photo: Terrafugia

However, the ufo-like aircraft TF-X of company Terrafugia is designed as a hybrid with electric motor and internal combustion engine.