Google Apple, Samsung And Friends Attacks Directly With Pixels

Google Apple, Samsung and Friends attacks directly with pixels

A strong camera and an intelligent assistant should make the new Google phone “Pixels” a sales hit. It’s the first smartphone that Californians own manufacture a challenge to the competition.

If a child has a fabulous new toy, it can no longer radiate as Brian Rakowski. The Google Manager no longer comes out of the grin, as he presents the new smartphone from his home. And there are three good reasons.

Firstly, the Californians for the first time have a completely own Smartphone on the market. Of course be built the devices on behalf, of course there are suppliers, but it is just only have Google. And Samsung, will be at the little successful predecessor “Nexus” or partner, from one day to the other competitor. Just like HTC and others offer the Android smartphones in the upper price segment. The Google phone is an announcement for Apple with its own operating system.

Purchase price from around 760 euro

The Smartphone comes in two screen sizes (5 or 5.5 inches) and two colors (black or silver), where technical equipment is identical in each case. In Germany it can be available for pre-order now at the exclusive partner of Deutsche Telekom, it is delivered from the 20th of October. From 759,95 euro there is the device with 32 GB storage, it costs 110 euros more with 128 GB.

Google is so clearly in the higher-priced segment on the go and for this you must provide something of course. Brings us two and three for the broad grin for the reasons. The model without a reason is called “Pixels”.

The 12.3 megapixel camera is by its resolution here while still not record-breaking, should come close but a mirror reflex technology right, and that should mainly thanks to a depth of focus function that enable photographic effects such as a cell phone previously. The stabilizer for video recordings should also be extremely powerful: the gyroscope technology fair for 200 times per second the movement of mobile phones.

In addition, Google attracts the photo enthusiastic customers offering unlimited online to be able to store all photos and videos. “The announcement that memory card is full ‘ there are no longer” says Rakowski and exudes even more.

The particularly clever Wizard

Last but not least, Google advertises with a particularly clever language assistants, which could easily understand not only prompts such as “Show me my photos from last October”, but combine information from different sources. Rakowski presents with pleasure, as he proposes a concert to his wife via Messenger, she affiliated checks out the distance to the concert hall a restaurant nearby, he in turn maps and Wizard reserved a table for two at the end on mere voice commands and reports the confirmation.

For intensive users, Google has also a message in terms of battery: after only 15 minutes of charging time, the pixels should again have electricity for seven hours. It refers to an average user profile calculated by Google with a mixture of telephony, video and Internet. How realistic that is, we will see the first tests.