Want a coffee? Simply Knock Twice to get it.

Knocki’n has the shape of an ice hockey pucks and stop knocking. Is the small device on the wall or under the table, it turns this surface in an interface. The music system can be with knock control, switch on the coffee machine, the light dimmed or recover the phone.

Knocki’n to work, one would have to ask the postman to ring in the future not twice, but twice to knock. Knocki’n registered the knock and would send a message to your Smartphone of the landlord if this is just in the basement or in the garden. In principle, the little device from any smooth surface makes a remote control, the control is done via predetermined knock.

Each Knocki’n can store up to ten call waiting signals

Jake Boshernitzan and Ohad Nezer from HoustonĀ (Texas) had the idea for Knocki’n as they watched one of their small children there, as it tried to get a to high-altitude light switch up. The idea became a system can be used for controlled WiFi enabled devices from any surface out. Knocki’n is a small round container and mounted anywhere, from where they later want to knock: at the table, on the door or on the wall.

Knock TwiceKnock Twice
And it’s all in there in Knocki’n… Photo: Knocki’n

Then, Knocki’n is activated using an app, and connected to the local WiFi. WiFi-enabled devices can be switched on now and coupled their operation with a certain knock. Each Knocki’n can hold up to ten different call waiting signals. With its motion sensor, the unit also responds to tapping and differs deliberate knock other vibrations around at the crowded lunch table. His energy receives the device with three AAA batteries which must be replaced after one year.

Knocki’n cooperates with manufacturers of smart home devices

Although you can Knocki’n use also, without having the apartment via a smart home platform is networked, but is really useful the thing only, if multiple devices and applications with the WiFi connected. Therefore, Knocki’n cooperates with several providers of networked and remote-controllable devices and wants to develop according to its own figures continue to this.

The users of Knocki’n must already realize the predetermined knock. Otherwise, the light is probably started dimmed instead of the coffee maker. Photo: Knocki’n

So among other things the room thermostat can be controlled by nest by knocking as well as the lamp systems from Philips hue, or the coffee machine of WeMo. But also the music service Spotify, Gmail and calendar, Facebook and Twitter can be controlled with tapping commands.

Intelligent living who is fun, which can so future equip the entire flat with Knockis and on each now smart surfaces with one or more tapping commands combinations are also possible his home control. Even an alarm system connected to the front door can be switched off and on. Also more complicated tapping signals can be programmed for such safety-related applications. A good memory is certainly beneficial.

Campaign target already exceeded market

Taking the Crowdfunding platform after Knocki’n, kick starter as an indicator of the demand, it looks more than good for the company from Texas. Originally we wanted to with the campaign $35,000 to let a recruit to go to the existing prototype in series.

Shortly before the end of the campaign, more than a million dollars from more than 8,000 supporters have come together. The Knockis to the early bird rate of $59 are all forgiven. If you come now, can still order for $79 abandon. Delivery is to take place in December of this year.