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Go-Cart SuitCases on airports!!! Fun while traveling

Tired of long paths at the airport? Then please put on the Modobag a case which at the same time is Go-Cart. Read about how quick he is, here.

Stroll the long road, at the airport to their gate. And all of a sudden a woman tour whose been biking on her suitcase past you. Inconceivable? Nope. Modobag makes BB´s possible. Out of a black suitcase, which acts very unimpressive at first glance, steering wheel and foot rests can extend with a few simple steps. This makes the trolley to a Go-Cart.

Added: the vehicle is so small and cute that the driver it’s some funny looks. “Like a monkey on the grindstone”, according to a media report. The owner may not be so for vain.

Jets at 13 km/h through the airport Hall

Modobag is always handy. The 150-watt motor accelerates the 8.62 kg suitcase to 13 km/h that is more than the double step speed, after all. A lithium-ion battery, which allows a range of 13 km, and can be charged via a USB port as a power storage.

Foto: Modobag

And if the suitcase driver before louder loses the charge status of the eye and the battery is nearing the end, a quick charge feature provides an 80 percent charge in only 15 minutes. Plenty of cruising fun from the duty-free shop, over the toilet up to the gate is guaranteed.

Modobag causes a sensation on Indiegogo

To go into series production, Modobag has launched a campaign on the Crowdfundingplattform Indiegogo. And it is successful. Very even. Actually, that wanted to collect a start up $50,000. Long since surpassed this target amount. 279 supporters threw $ 282,922 so far in the pot and the campaign is still twelve days.

Modobag so will go into series production and now also know that comes the idea among the people. However the scurrying case is not that cheap. It costs $ 995.

In cases, which provide sensation, there are also alternatives, if you would like to not go out. The suitcase space case 1, for example, has a scale that is built into the role.