Gigantic Cruise Liner Leaves Dock in Meyer Werft

A new giant of the seas yesterday left the building dry dock in Meyer Werft. The latest ship from the Royal Caribbean shipping company is 347,75 m long, 41.4 m wide and offers accommodation to 4188 passengers. The maiden voyage is planned for April.The Ovation of the seas has left the Dry-dock of the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg. German liner on the river EMS and moored at the quay of the equipment. In a few weeks, the huge ship from Southampton will start to the first cruise. Since September 18, 2014, the construction of the 347,8 m long and 41.4 m wide vessel had begun with the first steel plate cutting.

Meyer Werft
Meyer Werft

And the ambitious timetable was met. On schedule there was being launched on February 18, 2016. On the quay of the equipment, the Ovation of the seas then received their chimney. The ship is transferred in March then with a spectacular ride across the narrow EMS, which is dammed for this purpose, to cruise on the North Sea. Owner will pay 950 million euros for the third ship of the quantum class, which operates the U.S. shipping company. The Ovation often the seas is the 27 cruise ship from Royal Caribbean.

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Exhaust gas scrubber weigh of 200 tons.

It is driven electrically driven screws that are attached to a pivoting gondola (Azipod propulsion) by two. They are responsible not only for the driving and braking. Replace also the rudder. Four diesel engines from Finnish manufacturer Wärtsilä providing 67.200 kW (91.367 HP) each to deliver the required current for basic needs. The exhaust gases of two engines are free in each 100 t heavy wet scrubbers of sulphur dioxide and particulate matter.

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Bumper cars and skydiving

But what is a right cruise ship, has also technique for the pleasure of its guests on board. The maximum 4188 passengers of the Ovation of the seas offers attractions that has yet to offer no other cruise ship. A bumper car, such as on the funfair is located somewhere below deck.

S699_OVATION of the SEAS_Buildingdock
S699_OVATION of the SEAS_Buildingdock

If you want to experience skydiving, is locked in a round tube made of Plexiglas. Powerful fans blow the passenger in the height. He glides on a stream of air, can rotate even if he is especially brave, longitudinal or lateral. Only skydiver experience something like that in the first few seconds or minutes, if the screen still not has opened.

Observation desk on 90 m height in form of sphere.

The most exciting experience offers a glass ball that heaves a boom to a height of 90 m above sea level. She offer “a unique 360-degree view”, the owner of the vessel, the U.S. shipping company Royal writes Caribbean.

Quantum of the Seas – Construction, Meyer Werft Broll