Giant tsunami hit the northern regions of Mars

Rock formations in the North of Mars which was once a coast have been shaped by the giant tsunamis. The discovery also allows you to believe that ancient cold oceans could exist.

“3.4 billion years ago a large meteorite triggered the first wave of the tsunami. It formed the liquid water. After the intrusion water formed channels which back to the ocean” said Alberto Fairén, one of the study authors.

Scientists have found evidence that a few million years after the first tsunami in the Martian ocean hit another meteorite, marking the beginning of the next powerful wave. Between these events climate much had cooled down, and the water froze. Due to the cool climate ocean receded and created secondary coastline, adds Fairén.

A second tsunami consisted largely in rounded lumps of ice that have been thrown far inland. The water in this form is not returned to the ocean and always has been on land in the form of ice.

Publication presence strong evidence for the existence of a very cold seas on the surface of Mars. Their not coast like California beaches, or rather the Great Lakes during the very long and frigid winter added Fairén.

Mars to Life simulation

Simulation is presenting old water planet MARS and changes over the time. Photo: Pinterest

Scientists report that the Martian water of the Ocean were very cold and very salty, which maintained the water in the liquid state-of course under the top layer of ice. If there is life there, it’s probably been washed up in the form of ice blocks away, where it should be.

Researchers have identified areas already affected by the tsunami. Know also, where huge ice fragments fell. Now they are trying to assemble in near future a rover or astronaut team.