Get free “Windows 10 Next”, back door hole

Windows officially charged for version 10 since this weekend, the possibility of free upgrades over time are complicated. And yet you can get the operating system still free and legal. Who is hurried, receives also the first major update with.

For owners of computers, tablets and other devices that run even under the Windows operating systems 7 and 8, the deadline for the free upgrade to Windows 10 has expired. But Microsoft has promptly opened a back door through the still without pay to get to the current operating system.

“The possibility on Windows 10 upgrade, end on July 29”, it says on a newly created Microsoft Web site, which legally opens the door. “If you use but assistive technologies, get the free upgrade after that date”, it says. Help techniques to enable people with restrictions for example of sight or hearing, easier to use Windows. These include about the language issue, extensions for the virtual assistant Cortana or a screen magnifier.

The $billion target clearly missed

Who wants to take the free upgrade to complete, have not even to confirm that additional support would be needed to take advantage of Windows. He needs only on the button to click “Upgrade now”. Until when this is possible, Microsoft leaves.

An official reason for the goodwill by Microsoft is the desire of the company to improve Windows, people who use such Wizard. It could also be that Microsoft is trying with this offer, with its forecast that 2018 a billion devices with the operating system Windows 10 will be equipped, not too miserably fail. Because currently there are just 350 million devices.

Windows 10 price between 20 to 280 euros

Who is not using the back door and the new operating system still have wants, needs 135 euro for the home version and 280 euros to pay for the Pro version. This applies, for example, for the owners of desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, the Xbox one, the Hololens AR glasses and IoT devices. These are connected to the Internet of things (IoT).

Microsoft goes, probably rightly of it from that the back door leads to a wider dissemination of the operating system rather than the tender offer. In any case, when the official high Microsoft price. It’s cheaper to so-called OEM versions. These are full versions of Windows 10, originally intended for hardware manufacturers. In online trading, there are these versions in part from 20 euros.

Update August 2

Additional incentive is now free or inexpensive upgrade, the announcement that there is a major free update the introduction of Windows 10 about the anniversary. By August 2 it should become available.