German Tornados Nightvision is Failing due to lock of imagination

Can it really be that the reconnaissance tornados of the Bundeswehr must remain on the floor at night because the pilots are too blinded by the cockpit lighting? Just as it is. And therefore the IS terrorists in Syria and in the Iraq are safe at night before the Bundeswehr.

This message of the Bild-Zeitung this morning might actually not true. Thus the six tornados, who are now stationed at the Turkish base of Incirlik, cannot be a night for reconnaissance flights over the areas, which are dominated by the terrorist group IS. According to picture, the cockpit lighting hides the pilots so strongly that it is not possible to have a combat mission. A spokesman who said air force: “we work on a timely interim solution.”

Reason to be ASSTA-3’s new operating system for the problems, played for 2012 in the tornado. By 2018, all 85 Bundeswehr tornadoes should be upgraded. The new operating system incorporated under other new laser and GPS-guided weapons systems, to improve the communication systems, the ability of forbearance and the cockpit displays.

The air force is now planning an update of the ASSTA software to fix the problems in the handle. Supposedly the solution should be beginning of February. By the end of the year, the Bundeswehr wants to basically solve the problems. What that means, remains open.

Results of day flights are better

Allegedly the use of Tornados over the IS areas is not at risk. Now, suddenly, it says that the results of reconnaissance flights on the day was much better than the results at night. While daytime photos of the IS positions are possible, the tornados can make only infrared images during the night.

The terrorists are certainly excited about this information and lay movements of their fighters into the night hours. But the German armed forces has announced that the tornados in Afghanistan were flown above all during the day. Sounds like: “we have made it.”

German Tornados Nightvision
Start by two Tornados at Incirlik: the reconnaissance aircraft currently reconnoiter the situation in the area of the terror group Islamic State in Syria.

That tornadoes can do no reconnaissance flights at night, is not only an indictment and sounds like a Schildb├╝rger prank. It is just another indication that is what bad condition the device of the Bundeswehr.

Night fights for years had poor equipment

Made headlines in the last year been the standard Rifle G36, which more accurately should meet in sustained bursts. 2019, the G36 is now replaced with a more modern assault rifle.

End of 2014 Bundesverteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen had to admit that there are only 42 operational from 109 euro fighters of the air force at all. Of the combat helicopter Tiger only 10 of 31 copies were ready at the same time. By 406 Marder tanks only 280 without delay can roll off.