German Navy Lasers Gun for Boats and Drones

For the first time, the German military has tested a high energy laser weapon aboard a warship. In a few years this fast and precise weapon could be part of the normal equipment of ships and large land vehicles.A terrorist leader travels through the desert. On land or in the air something is to look threatening. Suddenly the vehicle driving ahead, explodes seconds later also the vehicle of the rearguard. Immediately goes a front tire of the vehicle, in which seat the terrorist leader, in flames. The invisible attacker has met its objectives with a high energy laser weapon (HEL) from many kilometers away. Such a scenario in “Y”, the magazine of the German armed forces.

Laser on the turret for energy blasts

In a few years, the German military will have such weapons. After the Duesseldorf defense contractor Rheinmetall has publicly tested laser weapons almost a year ago, the German Navy has tentatively used now even a helmet. The Rheinmetall gun was mounted on the turret of a warship of the U.S. Navy.

German Navy Lasers Gun Boats and Drones
Silent death: An attack with the HEL (laser beam) is invisible and comes silently. Photo: Rheinmetall Defence

With a power of 10 kilowatts, it belonged not to the most powerful of its kind. You can reach 30 kW and more. It is designed for the destruction of or damage to boats, drones, and grenades.

Target is destroyed with the speed of light

While cannon balls and grenades need before turn to the firing, the laser beam, with the speed of light needs be to operational in no time, practical goal to achieve. It is firing in the optics to see it will hit also. Misses are practically impossible. To capture the objective, the movement of the vessel due to backwash must be balanced however.