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Geneva Airport has suitcase carring robots

Geneva Airport tested the use of a robot which should make life easier for passengers. “Leo” is not dragging your possessions but carry it directly into check-in. Planned for the future is that the vehicle also independently screened case.

Calmly enter the plane, take a seat, relax close your eyes and dwell in a few hours in the warm South. Who every now and then flies in the holidays, know that is this scenario more than in reality distorted commercials. The truth story behind this company is that company owner, ROB Huge once didn’t want to wait in hue and ask some passenger to check-in for him a luggage. Of-course he had a SWAT team on his head for next hour but idea to let someone to carry possessions and do the impossible task for impatience travelers remain. . Queues in front of the desk can quickly disappear. Rob travelers nerves, especially for children, the long standing around often becomes the agony.

Geneva Airport has suitcase robots
Photo: Sita

At Geneva airport, it has been tested now, as the baggage handling for all parties could be relaxed. The robot has been designed by the international aerospace SITA, the software comes from BlueBotics a spin-off of the ETH Lausanne.

Robots help before the entrance to the Terminal

Robot Leo offers his help passengers already at the entrance to the Terminal. A passenger would like to accept the offer, must he keep his plane ticket on the scanner surface of the robot, whereupon Leo luggage labels to print. After they were stuck to the case, the passenger puts his bags in Leo’s overhead compartment, joining then.

On one display, the robot finally displays departure time and gate, is adopted and rolls alone, towards baggage sorting. The passenger must find the way to the gate so independently, a robot who escorted passengers there was tested in April in Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport.

The luggage did not diminish and the traveler has more time for duty-free stores.

The company SITA aims to reduce the number of trolleys and suitcases in the departures hall and so generally to ensure less chaos with Leo. To carry the luggage to the collation, the robot to later take not the way of the departure hall, but one, which is not accessible to passengers. It is also planned that Leo can also automatically examine luggage.

Geneva Airport has suitcase carring robots
Photo: Sita

“In a busy airport as Geneva, the use of a robot such as Leo the number of suitcases in the terminal can limit and help us to absorb an increasing number of passengers”, Massimo says Gentile, IT Chief of at Geneva airport. The test run will last until late June.