Human genetic modifications are necessary to settle on another planet

As of today, the colonization of other planets seems to be impossible. People do not have the necessary to survival technology, which allows protect against deadly space radiation. However, the specialists involved in the synthetic biology have an idea.

Media Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) considers that modifying genes can lead to a real breakthrough in terms of colonization space and manned space missions. According to researchers should “bury” in the genes of humans and plants and bacteria to settle on another planet. In this way, the Terra-formation of the planet will be faster than if we had used other methods.

Humans are not suitable for space travel or inter-space colonization.

As claimed by the Nip, the adjustment of the planet for humans, animals and plants is not rather necessary, because we can look at the problem from the other side that can adapt to the new conditions. As you know, the man is not able to simply leave Earth and go in the direction of another planet. This journey will result in various diseases, will lead to sterility and cosmic radiation DNA damage. Even on Mars we wouldn’t have too much chance of survival.

Instead of creating a special protection against radiation and hide in, just that we use with the genes of Deinococcus Radiodurans species of bacteria that are resistant to ionizing radiation organism known to science.

Resistance to Cosmic Radiations and low temperature.

Thanks to synthetic biology, we can also modify the genes of animals and plants, which we collect on alien planet and are more resistant to harsh conditions. In turn, produce greenhouse gases we could insulate “new Earth”, living beings always need time to adapt to the new environment, but it can shorten the speeding up the evolutionary changes.

Genetic modifications may allow us to settle on another planet
Genetic modifications are crucial to travel in space. Photo: Wikipedia

So it looks like that in the future, scientists can use appropriate techniques to make specific changes in our genes, so you’ll be resistant to frost or cosmic radiation. However, this still does not resolve all of our problems.