GE builds the first sea wind farm in the United States (125 000 MWh)

Although the United States have an extensive coastline, American windmills you could meet only so far on land. However, this is soon to change. GE (General Electric) has just completed the construction of a platform in the first sea wind farm in the United States.

Wind project implemented by Deepwater Wind created a 4.8 km from the island’s Block Island in Rhode Island. The farm will be attached to the network at the end of 2016 and will produce 125 000 MWh of energy. It’s enough to satisfy 90 percent of the energy needs of the entire island. With the total reaching at the end of last year, 75 000 MW new wind farms represent more than one-quarter of new capacity installed in the u.s. in the years 2010-2014.

No country except China may boast a better result.

Offshore wind farms is also a huge opportunity for Polish renewable energy. Good technical conditions in the Baltic Sea and the declining cost of technology create more and better opportunities for investment. No doubt worth the benefit from the experience of the Germans and the Danes, who are currently implementing several major projects on the Baltic Sea, “said Mariusz Mielczarek, Director. the public sector in GE.

GE builds the first sea wind farm in the United StatesOn the American farm will intall 5 huge Haliade turbines that GE acquired last fall along with the entire part of Alstomu energy. The turbines are new facilities located in the village of Saint-Nazaire is located at the mouth of the Loire Valley, in France. Each of them has the power of 6 MW enough to fund your 5000 U.S. households and Save 21 000 tonnes of CO2 throughout the period of operation of the turbine. Turbine rotor with a diameter of 150 m includes a space in which may include two storey Airbus A380.

The first Haliade turbine produced by GE left the factory just to go to Denmark, where it will be installed on the wind farm Osterild, which is operated by EDF EN. The company also has ordered GE turbines 238 for three other offshore wind projects. Saint-Nazaire, Courseulles-sur-Mer, F├ęcamp. Plants in Saint-Nazaire will provide 5 Haliade units for wind project Block Island in the U.S. and 66 Haliade units for the Merkur, a large wind project emerging off the coast of Germany.

That, however is not the end. GE also offers access to wind farm operators ‘ GE Store “, through which all businesses GE can freely share the knowledge, technologies and innovative solutions. In this case, the Deepwater Wind intends to use energy storage technologies in batteries developed by backed by GE startup Current. They will be used in Deepwater South Fork, the project, which the State off the coast of Long Island, New York, and will consist of 15 turbines with a total capacity of 90 MW. The technology will be to stabilize the network and allows for maximum use energy from offshore wind turbines.

Rechargeable batteries are a solution for one of the biggest challenges faced by today’s producers of renewable energy. Give access to storage because of excessive amounts of energy on windy days and release her to the network at times of peak demand.

The transmission of electricity from the sea ashore is another obstacle in the implementation of the marine wind projects, because of their connection to the network requires the installation of sea power station. This is the area of specialisation of GE Energy Connections, whose technologies including solutions for high-voltage lines of direct current (HVDC) allow for efficient transmission of electricity over long distances in excess of 50 km with applied Technology emerging in the North Sea the German wind farm DolWin3 with a capacity of 900 MW. GE installed in coastal power station, two powerful transformers. Each room is equipped with a switch that allows you to link operators compensate voltage fluctuations, thereby ensuring uninterrupted flow of electricity even when one of the transformers will be disabled.