Garden on the roof

Crazy idea: A Vietnamese architecture Office wants to tighten a suspension bridge across three high-rises. There’s also a roof garden with all kinds of surprises for the residents.

The population of Ho Chi Minh City is growing rapidly and has for decades. For this reason, skyscrapers out of the ground like mushrooms shoot everywhere in the Vietnamese capital. The problem in the eyes of the Vietnamese architecture Office Nghia: There are hardly more green areas, provide relaxation in the city. The solution: a new building complex, which sets new standards in terms of greenness.

Bamboo plants create separate micro climate onĀ Garden on the roof.

The building complex is to be built on a narrow stretch of land between two rivers – more than 3 km from the city center. Existence he should out of three high-rise buildings with each 22 floors and a total of 720 apartments.

The suspension bridge is to the roof garden: residents of three high-rise buildings there in the middle of the city comfortably in the Green walk

All Windows are narrow balconies, where bamboo plants grow. Surrounded by the tropical heat, provide enough shadow in the apartments and with photosynthesis and little air turbulence for a separate microclimate. This reduces the energy costs for air conditioning units according to vo trong Nghia.

Suspension bridge is to the Feng-Shui roof garden

However, the real highlight is located on the roof: there are the architects planning a large suspension bridge, which can take advantage of all the inhabitants of the three high-rises as a roof garden.

Garden on the roof

There are sections of lawn, flower beds, pavilions, a small stream and an avenue with trees, that invites to the jogging or leisurely walking. All these components bring a piece of nature in the hectic city, and are matched according to Asian harmony of Feng Shui.

Very comfortable: At night switch on lamps on the steel cable carriers and dive the suspension bridge in soft light.

It is comfortable in the night: then switch on lights on the horseshoe-shaped steel wire beams and flood the bridge with light. Unfortunately written in the stars, if and when it actually comes to the construction of the building complex.


Other architects have come to the idea to connect skyscrapers: the Chinese American architectural firm MAD invented the so-called cloud corridor, for example, for Los Angeles. This is a collection of residential towers. Encouraging neighborly encounters with connecting paths, balconies and shared gardens. Residents should thus emerge from the isolation of the own housing unit.

The complex consists of three high-rise buildings with each 22 floors, which accommodate a total of 720 apartments.