Gamescom 2016 with 500,000 visitors. See German engineers playing 3D Games

A fair of superlatives: Round 500,000 visitors will be in the coming days in German Cologne look, what has new to offer the computer and video game industry. The great themes: Mobile gaming and virtual reality. But also classic gamers will enjoy, if you do have a good card. The Gamescom 2016 is sold out weeks ago.

Cologne, Germany is devoted to the clean computer game and no, this time it’s not about the hunt on a few cute pixel monster that hanging around on the street, but to the full Pack: it is time for Gamescom.

Exhibitors from 53 countries

Expected 500,000 visitors are storming the game fair, according to organizers. On Wednesday still trade visitors and press representatives fairly freely in the trade fair halls can move with exhibitors from 53 countries, starting on Thursday, then also the common gambler may explore what has provided the computer and video game industry for its future recreation.

alternative Gamescom
Photo: Gamescom

In addition to the so-called “Mobile gaming” on your Smartphone or Tablet that more and more people play on the road and on mobile devices, plays the industry association BITKOM according to the topic of “Virtual Reality (VR)” an increasingly important role: after the first VR glasses were introduced in the past few years, the trend is towards mass. More and more games with 3D effect coming on the market, the game world itself is entering and almost Vive, feel just by using the glasses like oculus rift or the HTC of HTC and valve.

VR games: Major theme and niche alike

They are however not exactly cheap and have high demands on the connected PC, the corresponding games are still a niche product and that although two of five gamers in General would be interested in a VR glasses, such as BITKOM. Whether PSVR by Sony for the PlayStation 4, which will come in October for under 500 euros on the market, buyers are interested parties allows, will show up the inclined Gamescom visitors can take a look once before.

Also the hand controller by oculus, which enables a fiddling with virtual objects, should be interesting, as well as the VR games about spectacular such as Batman by Warner or Star Trek from Ubisoft, which hin or of course there is niche.

Classic video and computer games galore

But don’t worry, even for the classic computer players, there are lots of new feed: Ubisoft among others with the action game “For honor”, with “South Park: theĀ Ordeal” and the open-world game ‘Watch Dogs 2’ travels, while EA with the shooter “Battlefield 1” is represented, to appear in October for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.

Who between sports and gaming can decide is may with the perennial favorite “FIFA 17” (also by EA) or the one or the other racing game like for example “Gran Turismo” for the PlayStation 4 well served during Square Enix certainly his end-game “Deus Ex: mankind devided” for PC, PlayStation and Xbox one might bring.

And on “horizon: zero dawn” for the PlayStation 4 the heroine compete with bows and arrows against robot dinosaurs.

Of course also Blizzard is entertainment again the onsite box office blockbuster veteran “World of Warcraft” goes on August 30 with the latest extension “Legion” in the next round. The Californians anyway in the luggage have their latest prank “Overwatch”: there is a special arena, in which the E-sports champions can show what they can do for the available since may multiplayer first person shooter.

Hand create only for chosen one

Looking forward, the community of players is also “the legend of Zelda: breath of the wild”, the latest instalment of the iconic Nintendo legend of Zelda series. However, in this game, just 50 visitors, who had to sign up in advance, will have the opportunity to the Selberspielen; the rest must be confined to watching.

Players who instead engage with small game manufacturers, are well catered for in the booth of the indie arena: here the developers from 18 countries present a total of 80 games. It is theoretically on the Gamescom campus: go to youth protection, media literacy, career opportunities in the game industry, and other topics.

Only the framework programme remains the last minute

Who now only has the idea to visit the Gamescom, 2016 has bad cards the fair is sold out since July in the principle of a few uncollected tickets, which in the short term came on Tuesday in the sale, apart. With the afternoon tickets from 14 o’clock, that exist locally, you may have a chance, must prepare for but long waiting times.

Gamescom 2016 - best games

The alternative: Gamescom flair under the open sky. Like every year there are a varied program with music by Joris, Max Giesinger and Abay, with street food offerings and of course a few ways to play of all colors specifically on Rudolfplatz, Neumarkt, the Apostles place.