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In future, Volvo will only develop electric cars

Goodbye petrol & diesel

The farewell to the diesel is now followed by the one from the petrol ,the Swedish car maker Volvo will only launch electro cars from 2019 onwards.

A big project for one who does not yet offer a single model.

It had turned out and still comes as a surprise: Volvo, Volvo excels, says Goodbye to combustion engines, the first established car maker ever.

In May, the Swedes announced that they would no longer want to develop new diesel engines, now the company is expanding its project to include petrol engines.

From 2019 all newly developed models will have an electric motor.

Five pure electric cars in three years

“We have already announced that we want to sell a total of one million electrified vehicles by 2025,” says Volvo Cars President Hakan Samuelsson, adding, “What we say, we mean.” Vehicles are emission poor, but equal the complete production to 2025 carbon neutral be.

In order to reach the first part, Volvo would like to launch five purely electrically powered vehicles from 2019 to 2021 on the market.

And that, even though the group cannot currently name a single current. The only attempt, the Volvo C30 Electric, could never get through the market.

Volvo also relies on plug-in and mild hybrid

So now it should be five electro models and moreover hybrids, ie cars, which are lifted from the belt by an electric motor and additionally contain a further energy converter.

Volvo plans plug-in hybrids with petrol and diesel support.

It is to be assumed that some present models with combustion engine will in the future be equipped with an additional electric motor.

Vehicles with 48-volt mild-hybrid technology are also to be equipped to reduce fuel consumption through recuperation.

What sounds simple, however, is a technical challenge because the design of a hybrid differs fundamentally from that of a combustor. The battery alone has to find its place in the new car.

Polestar is established as an independent brand for electric cars

To achieve this ambitious goal, Volvo has quickly converted its performance department into its own electro market.

Polestar is to develop and build two of the five electric cars that are to be on the market by 2021. Chief of Polestar will be the previous Senior Vice President for Design, Thomas Ingenlath.

“Polestar will be a true competitor in the growing global market for high-performance electrified vehicles,” says Samuelsson, formulating his expectations for the new independent brand under the umbrella of the Volvo Group.

How this will look exactly, Ingenlath probably only reveals in autumn. And also where the new vehicle models will be built, will be announced in the course of the next months.

To date, Volvo has been manufacturing mainly in Gothenburg, Ghent and two Chinese plants.

The engines are produced so far in the Swedish Skövde and in a Chinese factory.

Whether these works will also be awarded the new electro models or whether there will be new works is still unknown.

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