Future shoe production at Adidas. Robots instead Humans.

Adidas ushers in a new era: the sporting goods manufacturer now uses robots in the production of running shoes. The first 500 sports shoes “robot-made” are to be delivered in the next few months. The shoes in a factory in the Ansbach, Bavaria – and no longer in the far East are manufactured.

Own design shape, and  definetaly looks like the future of shoe production at Adidas

So the company wants to create with headquarters in Herzogenaurach “new possibilities” how, where and when products are manufactured. About sooner or later similar production sites should be established all over the world, to deliver shoes almost overnight. If you must no longer be manufacturing in low-wage countries of Asia and shipped the shoes not long after Europe or North America, but produced just next door on consumer demand, Adidas can react to trends faster and much more.

Future shoe production at Adidas
The Adidas “Speedfactory” produce high-quality sneakers. The factory saves the long supply routes from Asia and allows the manufacturer to respond faster to trends. Photo: Adidas

If the fashion-conscious consumer the Red sneakers, the rapper and designer Kanye West for has held a concert, would have to he next day into the hands to hold recounts Gerd Manz, Director of technology innovation for Adidas, told the news agency of Reuters.

So not enough: To duplicate not only existing models are. Individual wishes and ideas of the consumer to be considered when the design. “Thanks to this flexibility, we can be in the future much closer to our consumers and local produce in our markets”, says Herbert Hainer, CEO of the adidas Group. “We thus creating completely new possibilities, how, where and when we can make our products and thus are pioneers in terms of innovation in our industry.”

Adidas saves time and money by robot

With the regional production of the robot reduce not only the delivery. The company saves money, too. As for global logistics costs, the production from Asia back closer to important markets such as Europe. In addition, robots are cheaper than human labor – and wages rise in Asia.

The mass production but not replace the “Speedfactory”. Adidas produces around 600 million pairs of shoes, clothing and accessories per year. By the year 2020, revenue is expected to increase almost half.

3D printing for sports shoes

Also 3D printing is one of the new production methods of the sports article manufacturer. The group is researching a system, the soles produced for running shoes, the sitting like a glove at the base – customized. Yet it’s prototypes, which will provide the direction for future footwear.