Design Technology

Aero 24-7, the future for public transportation

Aero 24-7 is the concept of an autonomous bus of the future, which would carry passengers without a break in the day and at night. In the middle of it would be, of course, very modern and comfortable. Well, perhaps on the road leave similar machines.

Aero 24-7 future for public transportation

To efficiently improve the aerodynamics of the coach, we first reduced the overall height of the bus which leads to a significant lower drag coefficient.
We then improved the shape by running aerodynamic simulations. It took several iterations to find the perfect shape.
The goal was to improve the aerodynamics of the bus to make sure a lower fuel consumption despite the faster speeds. That is why we chose to use CFD software in our design process.
We tested a number of shapes and evaluated the outcome to come up with the most aerodynamic shape yet still be able to fit the components like cabin, cockpit and engine room inside it.
The seat cushions are connected and can move freely. By changing the seat place the upper and lower cushion moves into the seat case which serves as a noise cancelling hood and provides privacy during the sleep. As business people might also have the need to work at night from time to time, an individual small reading light is positioned at the suitcase. It can be pulled out and twisted so that it does not distract other passengers but illuminate the working area.
The physical modeling process stater with a milled foam block which was then sanded, and primed and painted. Details like lights and wheels have been 3D printed and added.
Simple single top compartments for each seat can be used to stow personal hand luggage which also emphasizes the private jet experience. A central service area is placed in the middle of the bus and can be reached easily by every passenger. It has snacks, drinks and travel equipment like blankets or head phones.CFD software in our design processBesides the conventional bus toilet room the vehicle has an extra room which provides a refreshing area. Thereby passengers can change clothes or brush their teeth before getting off the bus regarding an eight-hour non-stop drive.