French – German “Factory of the Future” Contest

In the context of the Regional Plan “Factory of the Future”, the CCI of the Alsace Region, launched a field survey to identify companies with know-how and advanced technologies to engage the transformation of a company to the industry of the future.

Objectives of the approach:

Identify the skills and regional know-how a mapping of the suppliers of solutions 4.0 technologies consolidate and promote the 4.0 offers to improve the industrial performance of production companies promote a dynamic development of business and relationship development present a factory of the future technological showcase at the exhibition SEPEM May 31, 1 and 2 June 2016

This work was born the desire of providers of solutions to federate under the banner “SmartTech Solutions”. Beyond an expert look, they offer a comprehensive offer to accompany industrial processing to the factory of the future on several axes:

Common values:

Customer engagement
Pragmatism, professionalism & Excellence technical
Creativity & Innovation
Flexibility, responsiveness & availability

To joint project:

Wear the industry of the future concept make it real and propose a hub of technological innovation factory of the future. Contest Registration Link