Stars from other galaxy detected by Friedrich Alexander University

Astronomers have discovered the first known binary learning system, in which the stars move at speeds which allow them to escape from the Galaxy. Freshly observed star is on  the orbit of another galaxy or there is something else behind it.

Modern astronomy know around 20 stars that travel with hyper speed, move so fast in order to be able to get away with the Galaxy. Market for the first time known double layout of 3877 PB Super star is extraordinary: moves with great speed with interesting pattern. It was discovered by astronomers at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen.

So far, applied theory tells us according to which hyper fast star are accelerated by black holes. In the case of PB 3877 is not so, because German scientists have shown that forces does not come from the center of the Galaxy. This is probably a binary system, which came from another Galaxy.

We examine the hyper speed stars from 2005, from the moment in which the first three were discovered of this type. Since this moment we found already 20 of them, but each one is single and similar. PB 3877 is a one of a kind, “said Ulrich Heber, a member of the research team.

Binary layout PB 3877 is about 18 thousand light years. Hot star is 5 times hotter than the Sun, while the cold is about our daily star cooler 1000oC. Astronomers continue observations of PB 3877, every day we learn new information about unusual object.