Freshly Engineered Holo Keyboard and HoloLens

The Japanese electronics company NEC has developed a software for a virtual keyboard. Thus, the arm is to the keyboard. Read about how it works here.NEC makes the human arm to a virtual keyboard in conjunction with portable technology. The software to be compliant according to the manufacturer with wearables and mobile devices from other companies. A pair of data glasses and a Smartwatch are needed.

Freshly Engineered Holo Keyboard and HoloLens
The graphic shows the interplay of Smartwatch and data glasses for the creation of a virtual keyboard. Photo: NEC

Data glasses shows a virtual keyboard

The NEC program works, it coordinates glasses with integrated camera – like the Seiko Epson Moverio data goggles, working with a separate virtual screen for each eye – with a Smartwatch like about the Apple watch. With a look through the glasses on the clock, the new software determines the location of the respective objects. The glasses then displays a virtual keyboard that appears on the arm of the user. Then using the keyboard with the other hand, the camera determines which key has been typed. Sensors in the Smartwatch determine also fine vibrations through the arm and register as the touch of a button.

Both hands remain free

The Japanese company has developed this technology with views of more and more applications of virtual technology in many areas of life and expects that the augmented reality is more and more embedded in standard technologies.

Freshly Engineered Holo Keyboard and HoloLens
In conjunction with data glasses and Smartwatch, a new software from the Japanese electronics group NEC produces a virtual keyboard on the arm. This is to facilitate the work in factories and hospitals. Photo: NEC

NEC expected that holds increasingly in factories, hospitals and factories, where workers want to have free preferably both hands, catchment in future portable technologies. Maintenance personnel and inspectors could measure so much more comfortable temperatures, pressure, and other data. Medical personnel could immediately provide information on the spot.

In Japan, it is forecast that the market for augmented reality will grow until the year 2020 on an annual $2.37 billion.

Speech recognition is leading to errors, keyboard is irreplaceable.

Computer glasses now come in numerous technologies with enhanced reality to the course. The majority however uses voice commands or specialized input devices. But the speech recognition is error-prone this especially in a noisy environment, such as factories. And physical devices must be kept in the hand often what interrupts the work and stop. A virtual keyboard is offered as an interesting alternative.

Hitachi is selling already so called holo displays. Factory worker with the help of a pair of data glasses has additional three-dimensional information available. Can see beyond virtually animated components, tools or instructions of real environment.

Freshly Engineered Holo Keyboard and HoloLens

US software giant Microsoft will bring very soon the HoloLens AR headset on the market.