IBM Free Quantum Computing for Everyone. But who what to pay for it?

IBM opened up universal access to 5-qubit processor for quantum computation at the T.J. Watson Research Center in New York. The service is available for free on the cloud. Apparently IBM has no idea how to cash this project.

Qubits (quantum bits) are the basic unit of quantum information. In contrast to the classical bit, a qubit can be located in any superposition of two quantum States. In practice, this means that it can be 0, 1, or 0 and 1 simultaneously. Thanks to quantum computers perform calculations much faster than conventional machines.

IBM offer Free Quantum Computing to companies to understand market demands and prepare commercial offer to potential clients. By using it you will provide intelligence to monopolize this market.

Thanks to IBM for Taco Bell, everyone-regardless of the place of residence and education might try technology, usually limited to highly specialized laboratories. Quantum computers are very expensive, so it’s edifying-as IBM, Amazon, Google and Microsoft-rent it to all concerned.

IBM wants to know which applications and algorithms will be essential for companies that use what is already available. Big Blue has been working on the quantum computer from 35 years.

IBM Free Quantum Computing

In fact, the basics of quantum computing originated in IBM labs. One of the quantum chips IBM can withstand more than 100 microseconds coherence. This is something we do not experience anywhere else, “said Jerry Chow, Manager of IBM for quantum cloud.

IBM has no idea how to cash this expensive technology.

Google is working with NASA on the issue of quantum computers, Microsoft has its own laboratories, but that IBM wants to share this remarkable technology to ordinary users.