Forest inside the city as Residential Settlement

In the city surrounded by thousand trees live, just like in the forest? That could soon become reality in Paris. There is an architectural firm planning a leafy residential complex called Milles ARBRES. 1000 trees are going to take a root.More and more large cities suffer from poor air quality. More and more architects have arrived this topic and want to argue with her work. So also Sou Fujimoto, a Japanese architect who has something crazy idea for a Paris. He wants to build a futuristic complex of apartments in the French capital, which brings the forest to the big city.

Forest build inside the city as residential settlement
The residents like the forest can jog on the huge roof terrace. Photo: Sou Fujimoto luminaires

Illustrations of the project suggest large. You show a glass building, Pershing near La Défense stands on the Boulevard on a bridge, which crosses the city highway Périphérique. It has seven floors and with its slanting outer walls reminiscent of a gigantic ship. There are 127 apartments, offices, shops, a kindergarten, restaurants, and a 4-star hotel with 250 rooms inside.

1000 trees to transform the building into a living forest

Really exceptionally currently idea does the following: the Japanese architect is planning to plant 1000 trees. Not only around the building. You should be on the huge roof terrace, which brings nature in the middle of the city residents as a result. You can jog there like in the forest or walk. Also small gable roof houses stand on the roof terrace. They form a small, idyllic and green village in the middle of the city with spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower.

residential settlements
Foto: Sou Fujimoto Architects + Manal Rachdi Oxo Architects + Compagnie de Phalsbourg + Ogic + Morph

Fujimoto explains the role trees play in his work: “trees have individual comfort zones, without to isolate themselves from each other. Between them, there are diverse shades and gradations of connectedness. To provide branches and leaves. In my architecture, it is similar. I create fragmentation instead of separation. As for sheet without lines”, explains the architect architecture & living magazine. “The notes are swarms. Alternately, they condense back to lose. There are no clear limits.”

Is this living forest actually become reality? This Forest inside the city is design as Residential Settlement

This is still unclear. So far, Fujimoto and its project partners. French architectural firm Oxo have won the ideas competition “Re-Invented Paris” with the project called Milles ARBRES (thousand trees). Mayor Anne Hidalgo had called him out in November 2014. Thus, the architects have the approval in his pocket, realizing the design. They must negotiate the implementation but still with investors.

residential settlement
Foto: Sou Fujimoto Architects + Manal Rachdi Oxo Architectes + Compagnie de Phalsbourg + Ogic + Morph

But long ago, not everyone is convinced by the project. “Millions of people are looking for affordable housing, also in Paris there is a housing shortage,” Internet user Riccardo Stein comments on an article in the Huffington Post. “Instead of building an elitist for millionaires homes for normal income earners must settle.”

Fujimoto is not alone with its green architecture: more and more architects decorate buildings with trees and plants.