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Ford manufacture autonomous taxi

You want that? Who sits within five years in one of the famous yellow taxis in New York, is no longer welcomed by a driver, reveals the best pubs and musicals during the journey. Ford wants to bring 2021 autonomous driving taxis on the street. Without steering wheel, brake and gas pedal.

What Ford boss mark fields at the Ford Research Center in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley) has announced, is a real challenge. Whether Ford can do that? In just five years, Ford wants to start with the mass production of cars with hybrid drive and fully autonomous driving.

Ford plans autonomous driving in urban traffic

Ford goes the whole hog: A driver is no longer provided. There is no steering wheel and no pedals. The car should go entirely autonomously. And while Ford thinks not about on highways with their facilitate traffic, where Daimler currently makes attempts with autonomous moving trucks in the United States.

Foto: Ford

Ford wants to let go his hybrid car in city traffic. This is a goal that not even German automakers keep so far in such a short time possible. While Ford has not particularly stood out so far with autonomous driving. In contrast to German manufacturers.

So, Audi had a RS 7 with up to tempo 240 autonomously on the Hocken race in October 2014. 2015 100 racers in the tried to be faster than the autonomously driving RS 7 United States on a mountain and Valley line near San Francisco.

Ford Fusion with LIDAR sensors
Ford Fusion with LIDAR sensors: 2021, Ford plans to start with the mass production of autonomously moving cars. It should go mainly to service providers like uber, to upgrade taxi company. Photo: Ford

And finally let Mercedes 2015 drive in his futuristic F 015 impressive and autonomously at CES and has even a S-Class can be completely autonomous back about 100 km from route. And yet neither Audi nor Mercedes, dare unlock autonomous functions of their cars in city traffic.

Ford unveils a new engineers in Silicon Valley

Instead Ford must increase once his research team in Palo Alto, which only exist for 2015. There are currently 130 engineers working on autonomous driving. Until end of 2017, it will be 300. And to develop a car, manufactured in large series in 2021.

A hybrid vehicle that want to drive passengers in major cities to the destination as taxi is planned. Therefore, only fleet operators like UBERĀ are supplied with the car. Private customers can buy the car from 2025.

The car is “neither pedals nor steering wheel have”, so Ford. It’ll be the autonomy level 4 on the five-level scale of the society of automotive of engineers (SAE) match. Ford wants to increase not only the own research capacities to be able to develop the technology in such a short time, but has also entered partnerships with several technology companies: with Velodyne, market leader in the development of LIDAR sensors, Nirenberg neuroscience, specialized image processing and cartography company civil maps. The Israeli company of Saips, which specializes in artificial intelligence, just completely took over Ford.

Test fleet of autonomous cars will be tripled

“We are determined to bring an autonomous vehicle on the road increases safety in road transport, as well as provides solutions to current social and environmental challenges,” promises Ford boss Fields. And Ford wants to make autonomous driving the luxury car segment and open up for the mass market.

This year, Ford will triple its fleet of autonomous test cars from 10 to 30. “Self-propelled hybrid versions of the Ford Fusion are in California, Arizona and Michigan on the road. In the coming year the test fleet will be tripled is expected to again”, Ford said.

The new autonomous Swiss post bus passengers to the station currently in service in customs. Photo: SwissPost

You could then meet on the large test fleet of Google, which is also in the United States on the way. There are no points of contact probably with the minibuses of Swiss Post, be tested without bus drivers on a defined course.