Ford introduces engine for 5,5 million km ride

Ford has unveiled the new diesel engine EcoBlue. The unit will replace the usual design of the wysokoprężną. Ford engineers from the UK and Germany rolled up their sleeves and created a new four-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 EcoBlue.

The design will replace the applicable far unit 2.2 TDCi.

Developers ensure that the new drive is obtained about 20 percent more torque (340 Nm at at 1250 RPM) and meets the Euro VI standards, which go into effect in September 2016.

Unit has be also high culture-idling is about 4 decibels quieter.

It is known that the 2.0 engine EcoBlue will initially be offered in versions with power 105, 130 and 170 KM in cars (transit and transit custom). An able bring out more than 200 HP will later also in passenger cars Ford alongside other variants EcoBlue, including version of 1.5 l.

New fuel injectors are able to offer up to six injections on the combustion cycle, each injection lasts only 250 microseconds (0.00025 seconds) and provide 0.8 mg diesel-equivalent to one dimness in sugar. So a small amount of fuel is injected by eight tapered holes, each of which has a diameter of 120 microns, which is equal to the thickness of a human hair.

Ford’s representatives offer using a range of innovations that reduce friction, and as a result, contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption by 13 percent. The performance of the latest units were tested over a distance of 5.5 million kilometers, including trials conducted by drivers/customers in real operating conditions (400 000 km).

The compressor rotors are made of a single piece of aluminum, and not with the cast, which reduces tolerance to the level of just two or three microns-that is the size of a single bacteria.

The result is a greater durability parts and less noise and vibration. In place of the worm gear COG design uses a turbocharger actuator so obtained double improved response to 110 milliseconds-so much is blink your eye.