Ford Contest to Develop Software begin on January 10

Trapped after an earthquake  and then comes a drone, sends the location data to the Savior, that are then later to the site. It’s a great vision, which Ford automaker wants to put into practice. He has launched a contest to develop the software.

Of course, it’s also at Ford without cars: pick-ups are probably best suited to bring rescuers, material and drones after an earthquake on the target. While a vehicle-based drone system in mind the Ford engineers as a rescue system of the future, inaccessible disaster areas to support the work of the first responders. The reconnaissance drone that will supply data, to obtain a quick and broad overview of the situation on the ground.

Ford Contest to Develop Software begin on January 10-3
Ford calls the DJI Developer Challenge competition: inventor to develop a software that allows communication between rescue vehicles and reconnaissance drone.

Optimal recovery scenario

For Ford optimal rescue scenario of the future looks like: A Ford F-150 pick-up after a natural disaster is within reach of the crisis region. Via the touch screen of the communication and entertainment system Ford SYNC 3, the driver there puts the drone using a Ford SYNC AppLink application in motion to ensure the contest participants.

Ford calls the DJI Developer Challenge competition inventors to develop  software that allows communication between rescue vehicles and reconnaissance drone.

The drone to follow a predefined flight route, filming the disaster area from the air. It identifies survivors, marked their location on a map and shares this data via the network with the Smartphone of its operator in real time with the operations center, which can start with the information further rescue measures. While the driver is already on the way to the next location analysis, the drone will return automatically to the pickup and controls the landing area on the loading area.

Development based on the Ford SYNC AppLink or open XC

But simple as it sounds: it is missing the software. Therefore, Ford with the drones hardware and software manufacturer DJI now launched a contest, the DJI developer challenge. The winner receives a cash prize of €93,000.Starting from scratch participants intelligent real-time control for the drones has to be based on Ford SYNC AppLink voice communication technology – or the vehicle networking system open XC.

Ford Contest to Develop Software begin on January 10-2
Ford F-150 pickup: the automaker promotes development of drones-vehicle concepts for faster emergency response to disasters.

The tender is part of the Ford developer program presented already 2013 at the consumer electronic show (CES) in Las Vegas. “Ford we think in any direction to improve the lives of our customers”, Ken Washington, as Vice President of Ford stresses responsible for research and development. “Together with DJI and the United Nations, we work on an integrated drones-vehicle concept for the common good.”

DJI Developer Challenge starts January 10

Official launch for the competition is the 10th January. First to find out from the 25 candidates. These are equipped mid March with each a developer package that contains among other things a Quadrocopter.

In may it will be decided which 15 participants to make it to the next round and mid-July will once again be screened: the remaining ten candidates, end of August in the San Francisco Bay area should present their results. Other possible uses

Ford for the new software looks more application possibilities: you could used, useful also in the agriculture and forestry or in bridge inspections in building technology and other civilian areas.