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Food from the 3D printer prevents fatal swallowing

Help with dysphagia

A 3D printer puts chicken paste with a gelling agent and shoots this layer by layer from the nozzles.

A slightly chewy breast fillet is created for people suffering from dysphagia, a delicate sip, which can lead to conventional foodstuffs often leading into the air stream leading to suffocation.

For every drink they drink, they are in danger of life, as well as every mouthful they eat.

Five million people suffer from dysphagia, a chewing and swallowing disorder in Germany alone, which carries the risk that drinks and food are not in the stomach, but in the lungs.

In an extreme case, this leads to slow asphyxiation. 3D printer shoots chicken paste from the nozzles, a special type of food preparation can reduce the risks.

Each food is then diluted and then thickened with the aid of a gelling agent.

Depending on the progress of the disease, the consistency after the preparation is as frothy as cream or cream.

What has hitherto been laboriously done by hand is to be assumed by a 3D printer.

From each of its nozzles sprays the printer layer to position liquefied food on the plate.

Precisely dosed gelling agent ensures that the food gets the desired consistency. “From a nozzle is chicken paste, from the second potatoes and from the third pea and carrot,” explains Matthias Kueck, Managing Director of the company Biozoon from Bremen.

The performance 3D printer supports the individual layers in such a way that appetizing forms emerge.

“Chicken, for example, takes the form of a breast-file.” 3D printers are scheduled to come to the end of 2015 the prototype of the lunch printer is currently being tested at the Institute of Food Technology at the Fachhochschule Weihenstephan Triesdorf in Freising near Munich.

Biozoon is a specialist in the production of special foods, for the sick.

Performance is the research project involving the European Union with three million!

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