Foldable Electric Scooter GiGi goes to public transportation

The foldable electric scooter GiGi, said to be the first in the world, has folded up a size of 72 at 84 cm, size of 33 at a hefty suitcase. But that hefty suitcase weight 32 kg.

The scooter is to reduce to this in a few easy steps with the hinged running Board, where the feet on rest. The Board consists of two parts and looks like a thumb stick, where one slat can run under the other. That happens after unlocking the running Board also more or less at the GiGi.

By the front of the scooter about 180° rotation nesting steering wheel and front wheel are partly in and under the rear. Are the front and rear wheel right next to each other – kissing wheels call the inventors that. “In the Compact is the power of design,” says Stijn Enneking, Managing Director of GiGi.

Lifting scooter on stairs

The folded GiGi is via a handle as a trolley. Easy is that not, inter alia because the plane on which the kissing wheels relatively narrow. The chance of wiggling and imbalance is great. Only strong wrists know to maintain a balance. “You can fold up at the last minute and then him better as lifting. For example, if you like the platform in the train”, says Enneking.

For that ‘just lifting’ are what muscles need: the GiGi weighs 32 kg.
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The small scooter, which is designed by design agency C10 Design & Development, is sold as helmloze moped for about four thousand euros and aims for diverse target groups.

For example, those with the commuter train or because of the parking the car on the outskirts of the city. Or companies that want to have a clean and compact means of transport for inner-city visits. In addition, recreational use in and out of town a possibility.

A big advantage is that the expensive scooter from the street can, emphasizes Enneking. “That reduces the risk of theft and prints the insurance costs.”

Electric Scooter GiGi