Eco-House Floating on Lakes and Rivers

A young designer team from Serbia has a barge designed as floating space for “urban gardening”, supplied with solar energy panel and toilet system.

The “Salt & Water” team are actually quite elsewhere. That’s where the money is and good taste. The young designers who have founded their company until a few years ago, are specialized in the Interior of huge luxury yachts, villas or aircraft.

For a 787 Boeing Dreamliner, which is privately owned they have an interior designed, that can be immersed in a variety of colors and with which they have won several awards. The portfolio includes also a luxurious shower cabin.

Eco-House Floating on Lakes and Rivers-1

Without aesthetic standards, this isn’t of course also for the new project of salt & water. To combine functionality, design and environmental impact, that was the aim at the “ECO” barge.

Urban gardening on the water

The basic idea is simple: the barge with a so-called vertical garden combines the features of a House boat. Optimally exploiting the limited space, the plants in a greenhouse is stacked here practically. The concept is based on the idea of the urban Gardening, spreading more and more in recent years: while unused urban spaces are occupied so to speak, to for to open up especially for vegetables. There, the idea is close to use bodies of water.

alt & water
Small wind turbines on the roof of the building and solar panels will provide sufficient power for the operation of the eco-barge. Photo: Salt & Water

But, the greenhouse is not all on the eco-barge. The boat has a small residential buildings, which can be used as a training center. A place of learning directly on the Danube, where the inhabitants of Belgrade in the middle of the city to learn about organic farming.

Equipped with wind turbines and solar panels

The concept is complete with autonomous energy supply. Small wind turbines on the roof of the building and solar panels should provide sufficient power for the operation of the boat, which basically is reminiscent of a raft.

If and when the design can be implemented in practice, is unclear. But from the outset, the Designer have had a concept in your head that “creates a functional and aesthetically pleasing area with limited resources”. Designers tell how expensive the construction would be actually, however. Probably not as expensive as the catamaran apartments has the salt & water designed for use as a floating holiday rentals. That still nobody really made…

Under Water Urban farming

Under Water Urban farming
Under Water Urban farming

It will be exciting in June, when two diving enthusiastic Italians want to present after years of preparations “Nemo’s Garden” This is to a underwater greenhouse, by plants to grow twice as fast as on land.