Floating Bonsai Trees from Japan

Now it is shut off but: the Japanese start up Hoshinchu air bonsai garden presents floating rotating bonsai tree at the Crowdfunding platform kickstarter. A totally crazy business idea and financially supported.

“Air bonsai” these flying miniature trees are called. They live in small clumps, called “Little Stars”. The name is said to recall the shooting stars. The Little Stars are small foam balls or lava stones, a sponge and a strong magnet fitted on the underside. The bonsai will be planted in this Moss ba ll and supplied with water through the sponge. Bonsai are not genetically diminutive plants. Actually, each tree can be used to make a bonsai from it.

Bonsai Rotation by rotating magnets.

The small star with the bonsai float through the magnet at a distance of approximately two centimeters above a round platform, the the makers ‘ energy base ‘ call. It is between six and eight cm high and has a diameter of 15 to 18 cm.

There are electric and permanent magnets that hold the bonsai tree in limbo over the platform. A motor in it brings the magnet rotation. The magnet in the small star follows this rotation, which causes the bonsai to slowly rotate.

Search for plants in the local botany yourself.

The air bonsai are produced on Kyushu, which is the southernmost of the four main islands of Japan. On Kickstarter, the prospects for $15 at the ‘do it yourself’ starter set only the small star from Moss. Star in the lava stone must $30 are used. The set of base unit and MOSS ball is available for $200, the lava stone execution costs $230. All without the tree, or better the little tree.

Because his personal bonsai of buyers in the local botany must find and then artfully in the MOSS ball plant. Don’t worry: A video support. Then the fine motor work begins. It applies to position the MOSS ball precisely centered on the magnetic field of the base unit. Because only then it will not fall down, if you let go of it.

Blue Bell Floating Bonsai Trees from Japan in tree wooden box.

August 2016, the makers of air to provide bonsai. Packed is quite traditional in a box made of the wood of the Blue Bell tree local in East Asia. The base platform is careful to manage, it of fragile, warn the Japanese on their Kickstarter page.

Floating Bonsai Trees
The offered floating bonsai trees look so different. Photo: Hoshinchu air bonsai garden

Because the white porcelain for the base platform is manufactured in traditional Japanese Imari technology which dries the calcined porcelain in the air. The surface of the base platform is mirrored, a red light signals the user of the “air bonsai” the hover function.

Trees are up to 25 years old.

For a price from $500 also have a bonsai plant is supplied. The range of the extremely slow-growing bonsai tree for the “air bonsai” haze extends from the two-year-old model to the oldie Shin-paku, lovingly maintained since a quarter of a century.

All these restrictions are apparently pretty no matter the interested persons of floating bonsai trees. The funding target of $80,000 have the Japanese with more than $300,000 already nearly four times exceeded. BonsaiĀ  Kickstarter is an air more than a month time.