First Truly 3D Camera (Nokia OZO)

Nokia OZO Professional camcorder for recording video device from the category of VR debuted on the European markets. What can this remarkable unit and above all how much do you pay for it?

The device allows you to record 360-3D movies rolling can be played through the increasingly popular devices to virtual reality (VR). This is of course great news for those interested in the creation of a completely new type of content. Nokia announces that OZO is only the beginning of its activities the topic VR.

Nokia OZO-closeup

Also this device offers the ability to preview material VR in real-time, wireless and system with 360 progressive recording sound.

Nokia OZO will be produced in Finland. Unfortunately, it is quite a way to go, because it costs 55 thousand euro. Not many companies have real need to use this kind technology, especially that each year is strong technological progress and all today’s high-tech is outdated after 18 month.