First teen made satellite going on orbit
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First teen made satellite going on orbit

In May next year will go to orbit satellite made by two teen from Cape Town in South Africa. That in itself is a remarkable achievement for girls, but in addition weight ago event suitable for the fact that this will be the first private satellite from Africa (though of course not the first at all).

Brittany Bull and Sesam Mnggenggiswa because this call to young constructor take part in organized by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, which aims to encourage young women to work as engineers and it professionals to do this, courses are organized, but also more interesting programs.

First teen made satellite going on orbit

As part of these programs may create small previously girl, simple satellites, which have been drawn up by the meteorological balloons, a satellite launched in May will be the culmination of this program. And this does not mean at all, that he has the only function of education-already in orbit, it will gather information to help African agriculture, as well as the fight against the elements on the Black Land.


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