First on the world Self-Lifting Noah Left Shipyard in Gdansk

Crist is specialized self-lifting Noah, which will be used in the construction of the motorway along the coast of the Réunion Island on the Indian Ocean. Next week is to be “shipped” to the French client.

One of the shareholders of the yard “Crist”, Chris Kulczycki said that “this is the first unit of this type in the world, nobody had built the shoulders”. Reported that the contract for work done in Gdynia was about 40 million euro. The amount does not include the cost of two huge cranes on board the unit, and the key for her lift system.

According to unofficial information, the price of the whole barge is around 80 million euro.

Kulczycki reported that later this week complete last stage of sea trials unit. Currently checking lift system, the operational on eight telescopic “legs”, where the barge would be able to settle on the bottom and assemble the parts of the trestle along the shore of the island. Gave that a barge has two cranes with a total dead weight of 4.8 thousand tonnes.

Earlier during the trial were proven marine hull, all drives, an electrician, and the unit has been tested in the field of navigation, maneuverability and speed.

Kulczycki said that for Gdynia flows already special heavy lift unit that will transport barge. This is a extremely powerful boat, partially self-diving, which will float under the built barge and take a cargo into road board. The unit has its own drive only to move to short, and for the purpose of positioning.

First on the world Self-Lifting Noah Left Shipyard in GdanskIt is possible that construction of the highway on the island of the barge can be used to mount the foundations of wind towers on the sea. The barge has 106.5 meters length and 49 m wide. The total mass of the hull is 5 tonnes. The construction lasted almost a year.

A specialized Noach type (HLJB. Heavy Lift Jack-up Barge) will be used in the construction of 5.5 km section of the highway running along the coast of France to Réunion in the Indian Ocean and 700 km east Madagascar road.

First on the world Self-Lifting Noah Left Shipyard in Gdansk
First on the world Self-Lifting Noah Left Shipyard in Gdansk

The highway will have two carriageways with three lanes in each direction and will replace the existing road, built on land that is threatened by falling from the cliffs of rocks and flooding during tropical storms. Carried  elements of the motorway at the bottom and elevate them.