The first images from the satellite INSAT 3 DR

8 September rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mk 2 (GSLV Mk2) was the Indian meteorological satellite into orbit Insat 3 Dr. Start came at 11:20 UTC (7:20 local time) from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (Sriharikota).

The first images from the satellite INSAT 3 DR
First image of the earth made by INSAT 3DR. Photo: INSAT 3 DR

INSAT 3 Dr is geosynchronous satellite meteorological satellite, which first of all be observed cyclones and tropical storms in the vicinity of the Indian subcontinent. Support this field satellite Insat 3D, remote in 2013, the rocket Ariane 5. The satellite is equipped with a visible light camera and infrared (6 bands), as well as in the equipment for measuring temperature, humidity and ozone concentrations in the different layers of the atmosphere. INSAT 3 Dr will also serve as a data relay for remote metering devices (weather stations, buoys) and as a receiver of signals from devices.

Photo: INSAT 3 Dr

The rocket GSLV Mk2 was satellite Insat 3 Dr on the first orbit limits 170 km × 35 975 km × 20.6 °. A week after the start of the Insat 3 Dr sent the first pictures of the planet with the target point on the geostationary orbit (GEO) from the position of 74° E. Photos, taken in visible light and infrared lighting, are illuminated the Earth with India in the central part of the shots.

For countries like India issues high quality meteorological observations are very important. Virtually every year in one of the parts of a large Member State followed by a natural disaster that affects at least thousands of people. Without the satellite loss, both human and material would be much higher.

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