First hydrogen bike on the market

Tired of hours charging? Then please look towards France address: pragma industries brings 2016 because the first series bike on the market, that fueling hydrogen. But the fun is not very cheap.Pedelecs – bicycles with electronic stepping support – enjoy increasing popularity. More than two million Pedelecs roll on Germany’s roads. Too bad that you have to wait for a complete battery charge on the socket between two and eleven hours. There must be an alternative but, pragma industries has imagined. The French company has developed so the E-bike Alpha that summarily itself produces the electricity with a fuel cell for the electric motor.

100 km Cadence support with a hydrogen cartridge

The heart of the E-bike is housed in the rather massive white frame: a fuel cell in which timing hydrogen reacts with ambient oxygen. This exothermic reaction creates energy for the electric motor and harmless water vapour.

First hydrogen bike on the market-
The alpha E-bike is the only series bike with fuel cell: the fuel cell is housed In the larger frame front, produces the energy for the electric motor.
Photo: Pragma industries

And how much is in a hydrogen cartridge shall support? According to Alpha industries is a cartridge for 100 km relaxed cycling. A lithium-ion battery with 150W/h, which can bridge a short distance to empty cartridge to the next hydrogen filling station located in the frame.

Alpha E-bike comes to €2300

Too long Pedelec fans need wait no more: already 2016, the French manufacturer of pragma industries wants to bring 100 copies of Alpha E-bikes on the market. At the price of €2300. Is it expensive? Hard to say, because there is no possibility of comparison. After all, this is at the level of good Pedelecs.

First hydrogen bike on the market--
The fuel cell can react fueled hydrogen with ambient oxygen. This gives rise to water vapor, and energy for the electric motor. Photo: Pragma industries

According to Pierre Forte, CEO of pragma industries, is still in the prototype stage the entire competition. You wanted 2017 but already raise the production to 1000 copies. Among other things, because supposedly the French Post Office has announced interest in the purchase of a whole fleet.
Competition from Munich: the H2 bike by Linde

Linde is one of the competitors of pragma industries. The Munich gas producer has developed a pilot series of 100 so-called H2-bikes, which have also a fuel cell and a small tank of carbon and aluminium on board. 34 g hydrogen under pressure 340 bar – located in this enough, to provide the driver for 100 km pedal support.
The highlight: The owner can refill the cartridge at home in only six minutes. Linde has developed an ensemble of 20-l bottle, pressure relief valve and diaphragm compressor. And how expensive will the H2 bike be? This Linde has not expressed so far. According to a report by n-tv, the price considerably beyond the €7000 should be.

DLR is also researching fuel cells bicycle

By the way, researches the German Centre for Aeronautics and space (DLR) from Stuttgart to fuel cell technology for bicycles. Even Fritz Kuhn convinced himself during his visit in November 2014. The Stuttgart Mayor completed a test ride on a cargo Pedelec with fuel cell drive that you want to bring it to a range of 200 km. Its practicality proved the bike in may 2015 also on the so-called wheel rally of the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC). She led 6000 cyclists through the Necker Valley from Esslingen Stuttgart.

Stuttgart's Lord Mayor Fritz Kuhn drove during his visit at the DLR on a cargo Pedelec with fuel cell. Photo: DLR
Stuttgart’s Lord Mayor Fritz Kuhn drove during his visit at the DLR on a cargo Pedelec with fuel cell. Photo: DLR

If the fuel cell is still too expensive but you and your old wheel is still good enough, there are also long kits that turns your nighttime wheel to the Pedelec. Since we had the cool roote slice or a plug-in system to offer the with.
Linde is working on a bicycle that is powered by a fuel cell. Owner of the H2-bikes can refill the hydrogen cartridge even at home in only six minutes. However, Linde from the production of a series is still away. Not that the French manufacturer Alpha industries: the 2016 plans to start production.
Photo: Linde