First Giant Fin Attached to the Airlander in the lead up to First Flight

The Airlander is prepared for the last of the major attachments – the fins and the engines, which will be completed in quick succession over the coming weeks.  The first fin was attached today. The Airlander is the largest aircraft in the world, and flies in a unique way. The giant fin was expertly lifted and attached to the unique hull in a matter of hours, using a giant crane usually used in rail engineering.

The fin, measuring 9 x 11 m, was secured to the hull using a series of cables and clamps that will maintain its position, even under duress. If you were to lay two tail fins side-by-side, they would comfortably cover the playing area of a tennis court.

Currently, the only way for the general public to see the Airlander in the hangar is through our Airlander Club, which offers exclusive hard hat guided tours, regular insights though a monthly newsletter and other special benefits. Up until First Flight, £25 will buy a lifetime Founder Membership, after which time new memberships will become annual and benefits will be reduced. See here for further details:

Another way for members of the public to become directly involved with the Airlander 10 is to become a shareholder through our next round of crowdfunding, which is due to launch in March. Our previous round, through CrowdCube, raised over £2.2 million.

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