First 3D printed stainless steel bicycle

The world’s first stainless steel bicycle out of the 3D printer is of course from Holland. Budding engineers at the Technical University of Delft’s developed and extensively tested on the cobbled streets of the city. It holds! Also a bridge will be built to happiness: with the technology.Again and again the blue and white arc of welding robot lights up brightly and adds another layer to the steel lattice construction. The shiny metal grows slowly in the height. In the Hall of the Amsterdam MX3D results released in the space without a supporting structure, a bicycle frame made of stainless steel.

First 3D printed stainless steel bicycle1
Period of three months, the budding engineers have Harry Anderson, Ainoa areso Rossi, Stef de Groot and Sjoerd van de Velde and Joost Vreeken bicycle developed in stainless steel. Photo: TU Delft

The clever Dutch have developed a multi-axis robotic arm as a 3D printer, with which it is possible, materials such as steel or resins without any supporting structure freely in the air in any direction up to construct.

Bikes made of wood are also in line with the trend

You can’t deny market for unusual and funky bicycles, is neatly into movement. Unusual materials such as bamboo and local wood for the frame comes into play. But also wheels which can be super fast to have. A bike built by engineers from Liverpool holds the world speed record.

With the 3D printing technology developed by MX3D, it is possible to build different structures almost endlessly. “3D printing has exploded in popularity over the last ten years, but print medium and large objects, there is still considerable limitations in the technology,” says Harry Anderson from the arc bicycle team of TU Delft the typically industrial, studied design at the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. “This method of 3D printing allows to produce medium and large metal objects with nearly complete freedom of form.”

A steel bridge from the 3D printer

The arc bicycle is designed to demonstrate the MX3D in everyday practice. Because the creators of MX3D have a bold idea. If you want to create a steel bridge in the Centre of Amsterdam on a canal with its robotic arm pressure technology, on-site and in one piece. 2017 so be ready.


The MX3D developers are convinced that this kind of digital manufacturing to a new language of forms leads to a new kind of aesthetic freedom. The arc bicycle now serves as the test object for the new technology.

Stress tests on the bumpy cobblestones of Delft

“It was important for us to make a functional object that people use every day. As students in the Netherlands a bike in mind came to us of course”, says team member Stef de Groot, at the TU Delft industrial design engineering studies. “A bicycle frame is a good test of the technology because of the complex forces involved.”

The elegant bicycle made of stainless steel weighs as much as a bicycle made of steel. To ensure that the arc bicycle can withstand the complex involved forces, the students in the city of Delft have extensively tested it on the bumpy cobblestone streets of the city.

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