Fire Department drones combat danger insects

The French drone company developed a payload Volt for drones against the Hornets. Thus the so-called Asian Hornet should be eradicated, which becomes more and more a dangerous nuisance in different parts of Europe destroying entire honey bee colonies.

The “drone spray Hornet” is based on a 3-kg standard drone of drone volts and has a payload capacity of about 800 g. A special camera of type go pro Hero 4 Black Edition HD is used to locate the ball like Hornets nests, which are located mostly on high trees or under roofs. The nest is found, so are sprayed up to a three-quarter anti-insect poison and chases  and injecting Asian Hornetscide from an aerosol can onto the nest.

Drones in fire department
in Munster, Germany fire department since 2014 is effectively using drones on daily basis. A small surveillance drone flies during the annual military exercises held for the media at the Bergen military training grounds on October 2, Photo by Philipp Guelland

According to the number of transported batteries, the drone can fly between 9 and 18 minutes long. Should she not be recalled, a parachute will prevent the destruction of no longer flying drone. Drone is currently working on the perfection of the Hornets combat system by an automation program for finding the Hornets nests Volt.

Asian Hornet is very dangerous

The Hornets from East Asia, are likely to have come to France for more than ten years with potted plants from China ago. The adult Asian Hornet is much bigger than European Hornets with 5 cm length and a span of 7.6 cm. She quickly goes up to 40 km/h.

Their stings are very painful for people, quickly cause death but only for specific allergies. Is however regarded as particularly dangerous, that the Asian Hornet prefers to feed on bees.

The Hornets kill bees literally

While the Hornets attack directly individually flying bees, especially in the vicinity of beehives, where the Hornets put on the watch. The individual bee is executed first, then the legs and wings are cut off. The remaining bee body then flown by the Hornets to the feeding of the own young in the nest.

Photo: Drone Volt
Photo: Drone Volt

A single Asian Hornet can kill up to 40 bees per minute.

Even bee hives of 30,000 bees are have been emptied in France of the Hornet swarms within a short time. The Hornets have developed an early warning system to protect of the own nests. Whenever an animal or human is near the nest, so a single Hornet is sent to scare away the intruder. This is useless, then this by a hornet swarm attack and kill.

In Asia, bees have developed its own defense system

The bees in Asia have now developed their own defense system: as a swarm of bees attacking a single Hornet and WAGs in the immediate vicinity so fast and strong with the wings, that the Hornet defense attempts to overheat and then dies. This self-protection system of bees in Europe so far but still doesn’t work.

Asian Hornet
Asian Hornet

Beekeepers in many European countries fear a spillover of the Hornets-Plage from France. In the UK, there have been a meeting of bee-keepers to this topic to end of May. At the same time, the legal means have been improved there so combat specialists of the Ministry of agriculture also on private land can move freely.

Flow hive: Automatic Beehive for animal-friendly production of honey

Speaking of bee-keepers: two Australians have developed a hive to make quick and easy taking previously complex honey for beekeepers. That should mean less stress for the insects. Modified artificial honeycomb cells are the secret behind the system.