Finding Order in Chaos. Supercomputers in Action.

Tianhe-2, Titan, Sequoia, K computer are four fastest supercomputers in the world with powerful computing power and equally powerful construction costs. In the case of a leader reaching almost 400 million dollars. What are used these machines for and why?Despite the colossal construction cost supercomputers still arise following this type of structures. Their huge potential is worth their money, because it allows you to simulate the complex phenomena of whose understanding of not only affects technological development and civilization, but also allows you to save thousands of human lives by predicting natural disasters or the development of new drugs.

Weather forecasting just to start.

Most people are not related directly to the meteorology does not realize how complicated process is to forecast the weather. The magnitude of the data processed in order to predict as accurately as possible, what soon will be the aura in a particular region, in no way responds to the medial image on weather channel. Presenting us a color map with suns and the wall sweeps include baseboards. Weather is one of the natural phenomena, which is the perfect example of a chaotic system. In so far as it gives some degree of model, which is what we are doing, forecasting the weather, so even a small modification of the initial conditions can result in changes in growing exponentially in time-in effect the results of the work on the model suitable for the trash.

However, even such a complex process, which is the evolution of the weather in the world (in any area) is largely determined and hardly predictable. Problems encountered in the scale and number of factors that you need to take into account, for example, forecast. in a particular spot tornadoes, which effects can greatly affect the economy of the region. With the card and a pen does not give the Council do this-we need computers.

Supercomputers in action

Presents a much more accurate information about the weather than the pictographs on maps presented by television stations, although at first glance it may terrify the layman.

In Poland a mathematical modeling of weather deals with Warsaw’s Interdisciplinary Center for mathematical and Computational modeling at Warsaw University. This research unit called the ICM develops numerical weather forecasts for the whole of Central Europe: from the Northern flanks the Scandinavian Peninsula after North and South of the Carpathian Mountains Italy located in the South-Western Romania. The results of the calculations are calculated are Warsaw cluster weather presenter published on the website Everyone can choose one of the three available foresight models, two of which UM and COAMPS relate to weather forecasts, and the third, which is you, predicts the ripple of the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, ICM does not give answers to the question, what will the weather be like for example. 21 September (because we have just married and I’m wondering if ordered convertible seems and such emails to the ICM).

A more accurate model appears UM: provides weather for the sectors, each of which is a square of side length of 4 km is forecast from 60 to 72 hours. On the one hand, it is kind of a little, the whole leave on the basis of this forecast does not schedule. On the other hand the results of numerical weather forecasts are used by ferry captains, who appreciated the accuracy of predictions about the behavior of the Baltic Sea. Interestingly, the ICM in Warsaw is also a source of data for a number of wind farms in Poland, which on the basis suggested by the ICM computers directions winds set their windmills. While in Poland, fortunately, not to grapple with the weather disaster, such as typhoons, tropical cyclones or hurricanes, is we know how big material losses often cause known in our climate storms.

Knowledge of the coming Tempest avoids at least part of the loss. In the case of threatened natural disasters with greater range and ability to weather forecasting potency in the greater area and in the long term, this is not a whim but a necessity, saving or secure possessions, as well as save the life of the people. Of course, this does not mean that supercomputers will replace the meteorologists, on the contrary synoptic knowledge is essential to properly construct a prediction model, and then interpret the results.