FBI is hacked again. 200 Gb of sensitive data and 9000 employers exposed.

In 02/09/2016 The USA Federal Bureau of Investigation did not have a good day. As it turns out, the names, titles and contact information of 22000 employees leaked to the Internet.As reported by The Telegraph that he could no longer confirm the authenticity of the published data, confidential data 22000 people employed in the FBI fell prey to hackers. Although, as you admit, does not have specific skills to get them. The burglar simply asked an employee of the Department of Justice access to the intranet (internal network). The only virtue of the trick was to use the domain of the Department in the address of the sender of the letter. As it turns out, that was enough.

Screenshot left after attack on FBI
Screenshot left after attack on FBI

In addition to the above mentioned data the FBI also has been collected contact information 9 thousand employees from Homeland Security, as well as 200 gigabytes of data containing credit card numbers and email.

The FBI has not yet issued an explanation.