Fat brains grow old faster

In the Western world, humanity is aging, and then there’s obesity epidemic. The relationship between them has not been thoroughly researched, and it turns out that it is very important,┬áthe brains of people who are overweight grow old faster.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge to review the last data on the brains of 473 people aged 20 at 87 years and compared them with the degree of obesity. The result of this comparison was very surprising.

It turned out that it is possible to see clear changes in the substance of the white and therefore the one that connects the different areas of the brain allowing them to communicate. On average, the differences are very big in the brain of the stout 50 year old white substance looks like lean 60 year old, and so you can say that the brains of obese are 10 years older.

For now, however, there is nothing which would indicate in which way is it relationship or less the white substance is the result of obesity or vice versa-the cause of (at least partial). It is clear that these differences do not mean in any way to the cognitive, but the mere fact that such dependence is very interesting and worth further investigation.