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Fastest way to learn CNC programming

Company from Poland develop complete solution to simulate inside the classroom production environment. Students are learning CNC machines far faster when next to teacher stands miniaturized versions of CNC and Leathe. Solution is allowing not only to properly write the software for part execution, but also to see how machines are behaving in the real time.

Market in EU is suffering absence of qualified professionals

As reported in January VW factory in Poznan is looking to hire over 900 people directly on the production where 300 are CNC operators. Production in new version commercial car VW Caddy is delay. The company took this decision on the basis of preliminary forecasts of fourth generation Caddy sales and yet couldn’t organize teams to begin. Generous salaries are not a issue here. Volkswagen is not only company suffering from the absence of professionals.

CNC curses are strongly advertised in job centers across all Europe, unfortunately classes are often purely theoretical, leading to large delays on the production lines. Recently Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen decide that due to large number of variations in E and S-Classe reprogramming robots is far too time consuming. One of the conditions to apply for newly created jobs replacing automation inside Mercedes is good knowledge of CNC. Operators must understand commands and be able to execute simple task to facilitate production.

Gap between freshly graduated students and employee.

Most of the learning experience is coming from real time interaction with machines. Inside laboratories students are experiencing how to avoid common mistakes and quickly prepare parts for quality control. Graduates are much more productive when first contacts with CNC was made along with series of programs and tests done in past.

This approach is far smarter and less time consuming. Real production problems begin when every day situations accrue that are easy to sole, but yet first contact with problem wasn’t made yet. Simple changing the tool, centering block or even choosing proper extension for a task causing a lot of delays to new-once. Avoiding this situation is crucial to healthy industry and continuity on the production.

More and more universities are interested in CNC laboratories.

Barosz-Gwimet Group connects laboratories with classroom lessons, design and build specially miniaturized version of CNC machines preparing formation for both, students and teachers. In this moment there are over 20 ready and running rooms with working stations and CNC’s giving formation to around 500 students in sessions.

Learning environment is essential

Typical laboratory has around 15-20 workstations, one teacher unit to supervise group and 2 micro CNC machines for both, horizontal and vertical milling. Machines designed by Barosz-Gwimet Group are small and light enough to fit properly inside the laboratory and yet big enough to make a typically used dimension parts. Standards are exactly the same like in fully productive facility.

Fastest way to learn CNC programming
Fastest way to learn CNC programming

Our research show that laboratories are prepare to work with all available PLC’s and in practically all European languages. Most of the installations (80-90%) are made with Siemens PLC standards (hardware side). This selection is common and industry trend is stable. Nowadays industry sector is requesting from universities knowledge of Siemens PLC to graduate justifying it as mandatory and essential.