Falcon Heavy is going into space in 3 month

SpaceX engineers intensely working on rocket Falcon Heavy, which will make a space industry to a whole new level. According to plans it will be the most powerful currently used, and one of the largest in the history of space flight.

Falcon Heavy fly is going into space in 3 month

Its capacity, in fact, will be up 53 tonnes in low orbit while and 21.2 tons for Ariane Space, which is two times more than the rocket Delta IV Heavy or rocket of the space shuttle.

Its task will be launches into orbit large satellites, space probes and various installations for example. for the construction of space stations. Of course, has already become a tradition in SpaceX, that the most important members of the rockets will be able to fully recover and reuse, which significantly reduce the cost of space missions.

Recall that in July, federal authorities occurred SpaceX for permission for the construction of two additional airstrips on Cape Canaveral, so in November to be able to plant all 3 members Were Heavy at the same time.

Space Engine Heavy Falcon is ready for tests in space

This will be the only test flight, which will not be associated with the Mission of elevating the stocks on the ISS or other satellites, therefore there will be no problems with bringing missiles on the Mainland.

Falcon Heavy

According to John Tylora, spokesman of the company, start rocket is to take place in October/November of the current year, probably from LC-39A. Meanwhile, for two days will be elevated to the orbit communication satellite Amos-6, from LC-40. We recall that SpaceX wants to, with the help of rocket Falcon Heavy, take also into hundreds of small satellites, space construction plan of the Internet that will provide access to a global network of all the inhabitants of our beautiful planet, as we reported here.