Facebook sucks battery empty and slowing other apps

The Facebook app and the separate Messenger consume not only disproportionate power. Through them, also the other apps on your Smartphone will be slower. But there are alternatives, where the battery can breathe again.That burdened the official Facebook app, both iOS and Android, the battery is already known. After all, the app and also the separate Messenger from Facebook belong worldwide to the most frequently used applications on mobile devices. But also the complaints from users about a disproportionate power accumulated in the autumn of last year.

Facebook sucks battery empty and slowing other apps

As it turned out, quite a few processes in the background continued unnoticed, Facebook application uses for up to 15% of total consumption of the battery. Facebook while acknowledging errors and announced improvements but problems are not solved.

Facebook sucks-1
Using Facebook to keep the power consumption of the mobile phone batteries in the eye.

A number of bloggers and journalists have in the meantime systematically tested the battery life with no Facebook app and come to the conclusion that everything runs better and faster, if the app is uninstalled. According to reports test is noteworthy, that not only the battery last for up to 20% longer. The Facebook app and the Messenger have apparently also negatively affects the other installed programs. The testers tried numerous different applications and found that the remaining apps by up to 15% faster is loaded if the apps from Facebook were not installed.

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

Meanwhile Internet community has found long alternatives to Facebook. Can be used also without the official app. One way is the Web usage of Facebook via browser, such as Safari or Google chrome. If you log in on his Facebook page about chrome you are asked whether you want to receive Facebook notifications via the browser. The corresponding icon to hang from the start menu and is so easy to reach.

An extension of this simple browser alternative is the use of metal for Android. This so called Web pages wrapper technically is not a stand-alone application, but visually acts as such and makes relatively comfortable access to the mobile Facebook page. Metal is free of charge and without advertising and relies on the open source components of the older wrappers tinfoil. Extras include quick access to news, or set up preferred notification. Metal supports also a floating window app can be used at the same time. Moreover metal is also used for Twitter.

Facebook Lite as cleaned up version

This also applies to the in-house alternative to the Facebook application: Facebook Lite. The app was originally developed for Android by Facebook for markets, where fast Internet not always available. Facebook Lite is less than 1 MB in size when normal app has 40 MB and runs also at 2G. With the app, you can share its status and photos and get notifications of comments and likes. The chat can be used also even the normal Facebook Messenger can be uninstalled.