Joke of the day

Extraordinary UFO-like clouds over Hong Kong

All over the world we can observe unusual weather phenomena. Over Hong Kong appeared not one, and the two unusual clouds, one of which looks like a “flying saucer”. Still we know our nature as very creative.Alfred Lee, the author of the photo got really lucky to make it. “I was able to capture in the frame disc-like cloud that observers resemble coincidentally confusion with UFOs” said Lee

Lenticular clouds form at high altitudes and usually go in a direction perpendicular to the wind direction. Are extremely volatile, usually disintegrate after a few minutes. In Hong Kong are rare, Lee had truly a lot of luck, that he was able to capture so picturesque image.

Behind the cloud there is another striking opalescent cloud. It consists of water droplets of similar size, which was critical of different colors of light, Rainbow and her appearance. The presence of two such unusual types of clouds on one photo is an unusual rarity.