Extraordinary Exhibition Dedicated to “Wonders of Nature”

In Oberhausen an extraordinary exhibition begun, dedicated to the fascination of the Earth. High point is a spherical projection of the earth that can be seen with outstanding precision, just as she were 36,000 kilometers away. It’s the look that provides from astronauts in outer space. 12 projectors, which forms 1.5 million real satellite pictures to complete of a whole ensure in this illusion.

Even if private rocket scientists like Richard Branson with his Virgin Galactic space company and Amazon founder of Jeff Bezos with his company blue origin promise that sooner or later can fly tourists into space:

Hardly anyone can afford it. Branson has just his latest space shuttle for tourist flights has presented and called the price of admission: Virgin Galactic wants 250,000$ per passenger. Those who can’t afford it and therefore remain on the Earth must, now can still take a look at the Earth from the perspective of a space rider which is 36,000 km from the Earth. Gasometer, the “Wonders of nature” exhibition was opened at the weekend.

Spherical projection screen for views of the Earth

You could say nothing special. You have to look just a globe. Figured wrong. The globe, which can be seen in the gasometer in Oberhausen, changed their appearance. Time it is day, night time. Sometimes cloud bands move on the blue planet, which has a diameter of 20 meters.

The spherical projection screen is illuminated by 12 projectors, which select from 1.5 million images, taken from the Earth from a distance that is simulated in Oberhausen. The ball hangs in the 118-meter former gas storage, in which since 1994 Special exhibitions.

Computer render run through 115 days

“Our goal is to show the beauty of the Earth and on the other hand to allow the look like from space back to Earth,” says Nils saving water of the Earth observation Center of the German Center for Aeronautics and space (DLR), which has organized the unique show. The pictures provided satellite. “The challenge was to bring this data together and creating the best possible animation”, so saving water.

Computer at the Oberpfaffenhofen of location of the DLR did the calculation job. 115 days they needed to get the gigantic amount of data by 11.264 gigabytes in the handle. Because images are used by radar satellite, the gasometer visitors see also pictures of the Earth, which remain hidden to real astronauts. Even a drop of rain over tropical forests are to observe black spots.

150 large-format images from nature

Peter Pachnicke, curator of exhibitions at the gasometer, flowery puts it: “It is the encounter of scientific imagery and poetic vision.” This imagery is interrupted every 15 minutes. Within a few seconds the projectors be realigned then, to compensate deformations on the spherical projection screen that hangs barely visible cables. These deformations are caused, for example, by slight temperature variations.

Extraordinary Exhibition Dedicated to Wonders of Nature

The exhibition “Wonders of Nature”, will be open until December 30, 2016 to see this, shows the DLR but not only the Earth from the perspective of astronauts. In addition, the gasometer shows 150 large-format photos of animals and plants by Photographer Frans Lanting, Rob Kesseler, Tim Flach, Anup Shah. They show us the fascinating creative forces of life, describe the exhibition organizers.