Expensive and Fast: The Bugatti Chiron beats them all

This car is addictive: it will cost €2.2 million, has 16 cylinders, driving almost 500 km/h. Just how the Bugatti Chiron, no one knows. And yet already 100 addicts have ordered the most expensive and most powerful production car in the world. Blind. They must wait until March 2016 looks like your order. Then the Chiron has its premiere at the Geneva Auto show.

Expensive and Fast The Bugatti Chiron beats them all
The Bugatti Veryron already set standards as a super sports car. Now, the successor to Chiron to be even faster and more expensive. Looks like the Chiron is still unknown. It will be presented in March 2016 at the Geneva Auto show.
Photo: Bugatti

This includes also the 16-cylinder engine with a displacement of proud eight liters. Similar – in litres – the fuel consumption is expected, if you move the athletes in a racing manner – calculated on ten kilometers of course. The very official fuel consumption is the predecessor Veyron anyway, comparatively moderate 23 litres per 100 km. This information is however purely theoretical nature – at full throttle, the 100-litre tank is empty after 12 minutes.

The Bugatti Veyron is valid since its launch in 2005 as the superlative Supercars. Over 1000 Horsepower, a top speed of over 400 km/h and acceleration from zero to one hundred in less than three seconds already characterized this super sports car.

Some Chiron are not there to drive

Hardly anyone has seen the new Chiron. And no one except the test drivers which has 1200 or 1500 PS – this is still a mystery — the cars already mobilized. However, there are already more than 100 orders. Some should, as is rumored, not to be driven, but enrich only a Bugatti collection.

Expensive and Fast The Bugatti Chiron beats them all------

Who wants to own such a rarity from renowned House – only 50 Chiron are produced per year and about 500 copies should be final – just like buys the cat out of the bag. And including even a hybrid system could be.

The race car driver Louis Chiron is named after

The super sports car is named after Louis Chiron, who won numerous races in the 1920s and 1930s – of course in a Bugatti. He is to date the only Monegasque, who won the Monaco Grand Prix. “The name of the best racer and most successful Bugatti pilots of his time for the best Super cars today – this is the perfect connection”, Dürheimer said.

Visitors of the international motor show in Frankfurt this year got a sneak peek at the Chiron. A visionary sports car called Gran Tourismo was there to see, which was created together with the game developers by Sony for the PlayStation. And this car should be the template for the Chiron optical. There’s even a small film shot of the Chiron: the editors of AutoBild defeats the video of a Chiron featuring, but moderate quality.

Tests on several continents

The Interior of the Chiron reminiscent of a race car. The steering wheel is no wheel at all. It consists rather of two handles, as they have also Formel-1-Piloten. Many buttons are located on the plate between the handles.

Expensive and Fast The Bugatti Chiron beats them all
Louis Chiron, the namesake of the new Bugatti supercar: He took many important victories for the brand from Molsheim as Bugatti factory rider.

Currently, the Chiron according to Bugatti is in the final testing phase. A number of prototypes is on different continents on the move there under a wide range of road and climatic conditions down to the smallest detail to be matched. The world premiere of the new super sports car from the French Molsheim is planned for the 86th International Motor Show in Geneva, which opens its doors on 3 March 2016.

Expensive and Fast The Bugatti Chiron beats them all--------
As a foretaste of the Chiron, there was at the IAA in Frankfurt to see the Gran Tourismo.