Execution of largest solar-thermal power plant (2015)

This year, the first of four blocks of the largest solar thermal power plant in the world to go. Power for more than a million people should be created in the Moroccan desert with eco-friendly technology from Germany.

Execution of largest solar-thermal power plant-
In the next few days, a solar plant is Noor 1 in southern of Morocco in operation. German engineers and companies such as Siemens have participated at the power plant, which will supply power to 1.2 million people. Photo: ACWA power

The company Flabeg from Furth im Wald has given 537.000 parade the Ouarzazate in southern of Morocco. A gigantic amount, but simply necessary for a solar thermal power plant, which should soon go to the network with a capacity of 160 megawatts. It is part of a record, because the four planned solar power stations in the town of Ouarzazate to generate electricity together approximately 580 megawatts and supply about 1.2 million people with clean energy.

For more than two years will be built on the first of four power plants. The complex is called Noor, on German light. The technique that Noor 1 is used in the complex, is quite proven: the movable mirror at any time perfectly capture the sunlight and direct it to a specific point at which liquid salt in a store to less than 400 ° C is heated. The resulting steam drives a turbine, which generates the electricity. Advantage of the method over solar cells is that the energy is can be stored for up to three hours.

Morocco is aiming to export solar electricity

Noor is an absolute Lighthouse project – not only for Morocco but for the entire world. Because preliminary breakdown of the international solar project Desertec, which continues today as a consultant company’s to deliver to the evidence that electricity from the desert can cover a large part of its future supplies. The Moroccan Government has committed for the next few years, to build capacity of 2000 megawatts. You would then also sufficient to export electricity. So far, the country must import almost completely its electricity.
While I will probably start Noor, are the three sister plants already under construction or in planning. Noor II to be even larger, but work on the same principle. Noor III is planned as a solar Tower power plant, but also here the sunlight is concentrated directly. Only the fourth part works with photovoltaic, so solar cells, which generate electricity directly.

Map: Sketch of possible infrastructure for a sustainable supply of power to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EU-MENA) proposed by TREC)
Map: Sketch of possible infrastructure for a sustainable supply of power to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EU-MENA) proposed by TREC)

German companies have supplied technology for Noor 1

The project supported by the Saudi investor ACWA will cost more than €2 billion. It is a large part of €850 million low-interest loan from the German KfW Development Bank. This should be a reason for the participation of several German companies. Next to the glass specialists Flabeg belonging to ACWA However even after a bankruptcy two years ago, Siemens as a turbine supplier is in the boat, the liquid salt comes from BASF, and German engineers monitor the construction work.

When KfW looking the whole thing remains very positive and as a new thrust for the Desertec vision, according to a KfW paper: “the project in Ouarzazate serves as a reference project, the breakthrough to make a low-carbon and climate-friendly technology of the future – not only for Morocco but also for other North-African countries. Even if the electricity should first meet the demand in Morocco, this project will inspire the dream, one day to export solar electricity for the energy supply of Europe.”