Europe’s Highest Swing Swings Over Amsterdam
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Europe’s highest swing swings over Amsterdam

Heart pounding, adrenaline rush, thrill, feelings of happiness: It is definitely an urban adventure that can be experienced in Amsterdam since the end of August. On Europe’s highest swing. Looking for a sky ride? Then follow us totally safe on the next page.

“Over the edge”, so the “over the edge”, is called the swing. Clear that it is not a plate edge: the swing is located around 100 m height on the observation deck of A’dam Tower. Miss You can not use it, with its 22 floors of the highest buildings in Amsterdam counts and is also directly across from the main train station.

Europe’s Highest Swing Swings Over Amsterdam

And there at the top is over the edge on the observation deck with 360 ° panoramic views and rocks over the parapet. Over the top of the Office building “The Edge”. Phew, at the thought that it can be pretty dizzy one. But that would be a shame. Because, of course, a magnificent view of offers in the swings. Amsterdam becomes feet and adrenaline in the veins a city tour into an unforgettable experience. And for five euros. Because so much is the rocking.

Swing with four seats

The adventure can experience at the same time the whole family fastened with safety belts: the metal construction is equipped with four seats. The swings are operated hydraulically, and the sky riders can also use its power to support and with pump. This increases the thrill of swinging over the edge of the building.

Before you can scratch but with the feet in the clouds, you must go up to the observation deck “A’dam lookout”. The tickets for the platform cost 12.50 euros. And are probably worth it: since opening last may, has “A’dam lookout” attracted more than 100,000 visitors. The viewing platform is open from 10 until 22 o’clock daily.

Europe’s Highest Swing Swings Over Amsterdam

Not only the swing is worth a trip to Amsterdam. Also, the building of “The Edge”. It is considered the most modern office building in the world, jointly developed real estate, the users of Deloitte and a handful of building technology companies by SAC. There are instead of rocking jobs in massage chairs and smart offices, which can be controlled via the mobile robot as colleagues. Maybe there are one even in the elevator. The building is fascinating and scary at the same.

It produces more energy than it consumes.

It which employee where works, how often he goes to the bathroom, how often he drives sports and what he eats but also thanks to 40,000 sensors, knows. The edge in Amsterdam is a vision that has become real. We have more details and pictures here for you.

Europe’s Highest Swing Swings Over Amsterdam

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