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European Parliament and EU Council decided that search engines are not a search engines

According to the just adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU definitions, Internet search engines such as Google Search, Bing, and Yahoo DuckDuckGo ceased to be … “search engine interpreters“. Seriously.

Everything breaks down the definition of search engine. According to the EU’s politicians, a search engine is a tool that searches and indexes all the Web pages. None of the above products (because they do not search engines) that does, avoiding a wide arc even available pages in the Tor network or sub sites excluded from indexing “under the” file robots.txt (it’s a special file on the server that indicates the search engine bots, which pages not worth indexing).

To each search engine, which the owner respects the right to be Forgotten (Right to Be Forgotten) provision introduced by the EU, also ceases to be the search engine according to the definition of the European Union.

So what is Web search according to our EU politicians?

Network search engine is a service, which allows users to search for information on essentially all websites on their geographical subset on the pages in a specific language, is based on a query on any topic in the form of a keyword, phrase, or other forms of input (input).

What EU Politicians are doing in working hours?

The phrase “substantially all web sites” according to experts will disqualify all the current search engines. The development of this definition took 2 years to EU bureaucrats.

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